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Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

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I am honoured to be able to announce that Oliver & Paul Collyer, founders of Sports Interactive, originators of the ideas that have become Football Manager and Football Manager Live, and all round good blokes, have been awarded M.B.E.'s in the New Year Honours List for their services to the UK games industry.

We are delighted to see this award being given to our friends and colleagues, who both thoroughly deserve it. Without Ov & Paul, and the ideas they had when still at school in their home county of Shropshire, there would be no modern day Football Manager, no Football Manager Handheld, no Football Manager Live, and no SI or SI community, so we all owe a big debt to them, and it's nice to see the UK hierarchy recognise that.

Below is a statement from Oliver & Paul.

"We are really proud to have been given this honour, which is something we never thought would happen to us.

We first started working on the ideas that have become the Football Manager series over 20 years ago because we wanted to make football management games that we wanted to play. That the games have been so successful was never part of the master plan, and we have to thank everyone on the team at Sports Interactive for all their work over the last 2 decades, as well as our teams of researchers, testers, moderators, SEGA and our other publishing partners, and our community for everything they've done, as we certainly wouldn't be able to be accepting this honour without all of their hard work.

We're still heavily involved in the games, with Paul heading up the match engine, and Ov heading up Football Manager Live, and we look forward to many more years making games with the rest of the team that so many people out there enjoy to play.

We feel really lucky to be receiving this honour because we've been lucky enough to spend our lives doing something we enjoy, and indulging one's passion is easy - therefore we dedicate the awards to everyone who has helped us along the way - thank you to all of you."

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Yes I, I can't believe I have been following you guys for the best part of 2 decades and still managed to stay married and have kids! Long may the free advertising on the BBC continue and long may you develop the game of games. Congratulations and truly .......

NUFF RESPECT to you both

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Very much deserved, well done. The only games that make you actually feel like a football manager have come from the Collyers.

At this point I also doff my cap to all at SI for making FM2010 the best football management game to date.

Congratulations and thanks to you all.

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Very surprised as surely no-one notices the little old games industry? Totally deserved, considering the value for money I've got playing hours (and hours and hours) of FM and the original CM. Many congratulations guys!

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