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Recommend Laptop For Football Manager

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After 4 years of shoddy performance I'm investing in a new laptop.

When buying this laptop I will be taking into account that Football Manager has never run smoothly on either PCs or laptops I have used in the past. This includes the game engine as well as the game in general.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can recommend a laptop that will run Football Manager without a problem or just the system requirements such as RAM, disk space, etc.

Also bare in mind my current laptop constantly loses internet connectivity so any recommended laptops must have good wireless adapters.

Thanks for the help,


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i have a samsung laptop and my game seems to run fine with 19 countries playable and im 5 seasons in so far. certainly if i halved the amount of leagues then i would fly through the days between matches. if you spend £400 on a laptop then you really cant be far wrong

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