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Brazilian Style Home Nations League

Dave Fairbairn

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So err... yeah.

I'm currently working on the project that is in the name of this topic. It will lower the number of playable teams in England, to stop there being too much fixture congestion, but I'm hoping someone other than me would play something like this.

It will retain England/Scotland/Wales/N.Ireland as seperate countries with their own European spots and leagues which will run from July-Dec, with a second league for each team that run from Jan-May. Of course, this will require a league restructuring for all 4 countries as the game would die from fixture congestion, but I'm hoping you won't mind the division size reduction(and inflated number of leagues games to 60, with a season that is longer by 1 month 3 weeks and no league cups) for the extra challenge.

I'm gonna be working on it all day, so feel free to ask stuff. :p

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Seems good so far, no crash after one season, although I only have England and Liechtenstein(I used it for the Home Nations League so as not to clash with any other competitions) at the minute. I haven't added the FA Cup, and might not even bother, as the way things stand, anyone who is in Europe would literally be playing Sat-Wed every week if I added any more dates, but honestly, I don't see why the Home Nations League can't be seen as being the cup.

I have made it so that the Premiership starts on the 3rd Sat of July, and ends on Boxing Day("hard coded" date, as it were) and the Home Nations League starts on first Sat of Jan and ends on the last Sat of May. Might seem a bit long, but as I say, it avoids excessive Wednesday fixtures.

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I got it working perfectly now. I still need to adjust Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland's domestic leagues to fit in with this, but I now have the Home Nations League functioning with promotion and relegation.

System for the Home Nations League:

First Division(16 teams, 3 relegated)

Second Division(16 teams, 3 promoted, 3 relegated)

Third Division(16 teams, 3 promoted, 3 relegated)

Fourth Division(18 teams, 3 promoted, 4 relegated)

Below the Fourth Division, there is no league, but a qualification tournament to replace the 4 relegated 4th division teams. At the start of every season, the game will pick the 24 teams from each country with the highest reputations that are currently not in any of the four divisions, and split them into 12 groups of 8, the top two qualify for the second round, where the 24 teams are split into two groups of twelve, with the top 2 qualifying for next season's Fourth Division.

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