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10.3 Patch - Hard Hitting Tactics

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In 2010 so far I've only used the new style tactics and cant seem to use them AT ALL@!!! So i reluctantly reverted back to the classic style and created my first 2010 classic Tac. I made two that revolve around playing a holding midfielder and pacey or very technical wingers (Ideally both... obv). The wingers need to be decent enough to chip in the odd goal, at the minute I'm Manchester City despite being a Gers fan. Just fancied some money y'know? As i say, my wingers are Piotr Trochowski and an Argentinian called Mario Santana whom I'd never encountered before. In 10.3 they both have <10 finishing and Santana has had 6 goals in 12 starts which is fair i think. He cuts inside and is the 'scoring winger' whereas I use Trochowski as the 'crossing winger', but this could easily be manipulated just by swapping the sides for other teams. The midfield, especially the deeper MC, is a grey area as sometimes the passing is excellent and we play brilliantly, but can sometimes be substandard and the team finds it harder to win. Against the bigger teams, I feel that this could be a potentially huge weakness! Arsenal have beat me 1-0 this season, but we could have easily won it. The defence Is pretty bog-standard. Full-backs that are more defensive with one going slightly more forward, but by no means a true wing back. One Defensive destroyer (Mexes) who seeks out off-passes and opportunities to break up attacks and another fast covering defender (Toure) who mops up any through balls that evade Mexes. The DMC is just a zonal ball chaser who helps in defense and passes short and simple, as no-nonsense as they come. Heres some Pics.


The Shape of the tactic, a classic Barcelona type shape which relies on a counter attack and slick passing.


The results so far, great scoring rate and seems to be quite consistent both home AND away!


The team and its form, you can see Barry doesn't play as well as I'd like him to! Everyone else is fine though, especially Adebayor which surprised me!

Hopefully someone/some people can try this out and tell me what they think and make some amendments as it certainly may not be the best but could definitely be improved to be pretty brilliant i think!

Heres the links -

Creative Striker_Target man _hold up ball f_TM_ 14_7_10 JTH_ _Man City_ Oct 2009_.tac - 0.00MB

Poaching Striker_Pacey Dribbler _Man City_ Oct 2009_.tac - 0.00MB


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Looks great mate :) I like the way you've released two tactics. Very smart ;). I'm currently away from my Mac. So for now I would like to ask if this tactic is usable with weak teams?

Might be a slight bit too attacking when playing against a much stronger opponent or when having not so very skilled lads in your team... but I guess you can always give it a try!

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All i can say is try it with a weaker team, you can still use the sliders in the team instructions section to manipulate the team to an extent because not all of the players are set to specific instructions. This also answers the post from Cedrick to an extent. In theory, it should work with a weaker team. It is however imperative to have a good striker though, as it's one up front.

I would say that concerning Cedrick's post, that this is true. However, it does create a very even game where both sides make alot of chances but don't finish many, which is typical of most games between big teams. I managed to beat Chelsea, with relatively no tweaking, 1-0. Maybe just the positive swing from the game being played at Eastlands? Still testing it though so I'll see how it goes. You're right about the weaker players part, however I still use Wayne Bridge at LB and am forced to use Wright-Phillips and Petrov occasionaly with injuries and they seem to manage fine with the tactic. They do however have a pretty decent team around them though, which may be negating any mistakes they make.

As for Corky, I do agree. This could just be a 'honeymoon period' of results that could have been initiated by good form early on. Despite being quite reliable most of the time, I experienced a shock 3-0 loss to Stoke! The team bounced back immediately though and were back to winning ways.

Cheers for the feedback and I'll be trying to make a couple of variants that are more defensive and better at breaking down the teams that sit back and another which halts teams that are more skilled.


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