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[FM10] England - Kid's are the key to the World Cup

ollie laaaaaaaad

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After the sides abysmal performance in South Africa The FA have relieved Fabio Capello of his duties.

Furthermore they have wasted no time in finding their replacement under-20 manager Oliver Connolly

'we have appointed Oliver because he knows the youngsters well, this is an appointment for the future, we hope to challenge for the 2014 World Cup and deffientley want to be among the front runners for 2018 ecspecially if its in England.'

Speaking at the launch of the new england kit connolly said:

'It may be a shock to everyone else, but i think its a clever appointment, i know these young lads well. We will all develop together and by 2018 we should be in place to win the World Cup.'


Chris' back to basics 2010 update

custom large db

all european, south american and african internationals loaded

please comment away, you may even sway me to include players in the squad



Connolly now has the difficult balancing act of challenging for the 2012 European Championships and bringing youths into the squad

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We had been drawn in a relatively tough group, we should qualify but there were some tricky away games.


I had completley re-shuffled the pack in terms of coaches and removed all Italian coaches.


We then all sat down to decide on the squad, there were some tough calls who to leave out

we eventually decided on this squad for the two games vs Saudi Arabia and Mexico, my first two games and very impportant friendlies


Missing Ashley Cole due to injury meant i opted for the person who many consider to be hi understudy Kieran Gibbs

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My first task pre match was my choice of captain -

I opted for Gerrard for me he performed well as the leader in South Africa and was looking forward to working with him closely


My choice of vice - Captain was a little less predictable i plumped for 19 year old everton midfielder Jack Rodwell


For me jack is the future of Englands midfield, he will act as Gerrards sidekick and be by him at all times, by 2014 he will be 23 and maybe not ready for the full captincy but by 2018 he will be 27 and in his prime and will lead England

3rd Choice captain was Rooney

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