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Complacency: how to fight it?

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I'm not so sure that rotation would work. It helps with reducing the players' jadedness, but the difference in reputation between clubs is still there and can cause complacency. Besides having players with high mental stats, I'd suggest playing counterattack to lure the defensive team out and open space for your team.

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Rotation does help but it keeps players on their toes regarding their first team place.

Try to keep players match fit and not out of the team for too long. Having a full match fit squad (hard, though possible) will generally benefit your team and substitutions will have more of an impact as will your team talks.

Demanding a win is a no brainer but for some players, it's not enough. Don't be afraid to really tear into your players when you feel necessary. Say your Liverpool, and you're playing against a defense minded team like Hull or Stoke at Anfield and you're drawing 0 - 0 at half time and you've barely put a shot on target. Angry team talks can often bring a better second half performance.

Make an example of someone. Jamie Carragher was looking complacent during the warm up. Demand a performance from him. Often, he'll still look complacent at half time. An angry team talk (individual) could either make him play out of his skin, or anger him to making mistakes or even be sent off. It works both ways in my experience. Your call.

Often, it's not complacency and the problem is merely a tactical error. Again, referring back to a side who has parked the bus all game and held your side to a 0 - 0. Do their central defenders conquer you in the air? Play through the middle if they're slow and you have pacey strikers. Are there central defenders losing headers? Get the ball to the byline with your wingers and take them out with your big center forward.

My final point. Don't repeat your team talks too often. Even demanding a win can lead to complacency if you are using it too much. 'For the fans!' instead will often freshen things up a little bit.

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