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4-1-3-2. Would it work?

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Pretty much, im Sporting CP in the Portuguese league and i've been playing a 4-2-3-1 formation in season 2 and it hasn't really been working that well. So i was thinking about playing 1 DM (Miguel Veloso) and then having 3 AMs and 2 strikers.

Would this leave to much of a gap in my midfield because i wouldn't be using any CM's?

Alternatively i may use a 4-2-2-2 Brazil system. Would this work or would it leave me too exposed on the flanks?

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I've been using Mr Houghs 10.3 classic 4-1-2-3 http://www.filefront.com/16470297/Mr-Hough-4-1-2-3-Unbeaten-Final-Version.-Arsenal-Oct-2009.tac/ to great effect and took Oxford from the blue square prem to the championship in 3 seasons. However once in the championship we struggled in our first season leaking 71 goals at the back and finishing 11th despite being the leagues joint top scorers with 90.

Scoring wasn't a problem, we just weren't winning the midfield and were getting caught far too often at the back. The tactic is great if you are Man U or Barcelona but playing as a smaller side it is a struggle against better teams so in my second season i made a few slight tweaks that worked amazingly to make it a 4-1-3-2...

*I dropped the centre striker to the middle of a midfield 3 and put a forward arrow on him.

*Dropped the team mentality to the first notch of 'attacking'.

*Dropped the fullbacks mentality to normal as they had been playing too high up the pitch which proved a disaster time and time again when we lost the ball.

*Increased the passing for the left and right MCs to the first notch of 'mixed'

Having an extra man in midfield made the world of difference and my team attacked through him whilst he (Bekdemir) still managed to get in the box and score 19 for the season.


Final table, a great achievement bearing in mind 5 seasons earlier Oxford were non-league and my entire squad is made up of free transfers:


***EDIT*** No corner cheat used.

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you could make it work with making 2 of the AM's play support roles, and have veloso on a support role so he pushes up, this combined with advancing full backs should provide plenty of passing options

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Gunner 4 eva try using the 4231 assymetric system.

This is how i have it set: overload:balanced

GK: Sweeper keeper

DL: Wing back

DC: Ball pplaying defender

DC: Central Defender

DR: Full back

DM: Defensive midfielder

MC: Deep lying playmaker

ML: Wide mid

AMC: Attacking mid

AMR: Winger

ST: Deep lying forward

Just tweak the two central defenders so they are on defensive mentality.

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