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Interpreting Player Reports

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Can anyone offer some insight or point out existing threads/resources about interpreting player reports?

When I look at a report on a player, most of it is straight forward information, and can be pretty easily interpreted. The right side of the report dealing with ability and potential is pretty simple, but on the left side I will often see phrases used to describe a player's intelligence and other nebulous statements about strengths and weaknesses. I am pretty sure that these phrases hint at values for some of the hidden attributes, but I can't find anything going into any detail about this.

I have read a lot about the personality type and media type and find that information very helpful, but it seems like these phrases that pop up in the report may also be pointing to value parameters for hidden attributes. That is something I would be interested in knowing more about as I don't use genie or scout software, so I like to try and better understand a potential signing from what is in the actual game.

Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas?


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You are correct in that scouts can reveal information about hidden attributes in the scouting report under strengths and weaknesses.

First off, that one word to summarize the players strength or weakness is not going to be taken from an hidden attribute. A player that has intelligence as a weakness will have low ratings in one or several mental attributes such as creativity, decisions and anticipation.

The clues you get in the rest of the text in the strength and weakness boxes however can contain information about some of the hidden attributes. It's not certain that your scout is going to be picking up on this.

Do note that if you try and find this information on one of your own players via the coaching report. You have to select the right type of coach for the hidden attributes to be mentioned. For goalkeepers you have to talk to your goalkeeping coach. For defensive players a defensive coach, the same with attacking and a fitness coach can see the hidden attributes of all outfield players. General coaches are blind bats. If the player you are viewing happen to be a new signing no coach will have any mention of his hidden attributes. You will just have to wait until the coaches have gotten to know the player.

There are three hidden attributes that can be mentioned in the report, but the first thing you need to know is that there are different levels and you have to look in the wording of the sentence to try and pin down just how good or bad the player is in that regard. Someone who enjoys big matches is going to have a lower rating compared to someone who relishes big matches.

Injuries: Will only come up as a weakness. Obviously if this is in his profile you can count on him getting injured more often. It's always good though to check the players injury history yourself before signing him. That way even if the scout missed it you caught it.

Consistency: Not one player on the entire planet is going to be playing to his potential in every match. This attribute will determine how often a player will play to what his attributes might suggest. A player with a perfect rating here will still not play to his potential in every match.

Big matches: For Big matches, the big match attribute is used instead of the consistency attribute.

For more info check out these threads.

A closer look at motivation

How your players work (warning hidden details inside)

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Thank you very much for the response, shakeable. That is extremely helpful, and I will take a look at the thread links you provided.

It hadn't occured to me that coach type (attacking, defending, fitness or general) would impact this. Would a scout need to have a particular style as well? I don't even remember whether scouts have a coaching style in the game (I am at work at the moment so I can't look). You're tip about the wording is useful too.

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