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Creating a new Team - Error in game


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Hi there,

After playing with several teams in the game I decided to create my own team (it´s an amateur side and it´s not in the game) and place into the Portuguese First Division, replacing by another team. Then i just added new players, transfered some and created the kits and staff.

Well, after almost a 3 hours work, I went into the game to play (i have done this in other FM, notably 2008, changing then a teams name) and the game just crashes. The players appears duplicate, the game doens´t goe beyond a week or so, and I really don´t know what I did wrong.:mad:

Can anyone help me out with this? Is there any info that cannot be touch (historic, staff, players, kits, stadium, anything??)


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If the team is licensed (has real kits etc...) then you change the kits the game won't let you play as that team. but this doesn't sound like your problem because you can actually start the game, as far as i know there's no issue with changing staff and players (i do this all the time), and it shouldn't be anything to do with a stadium, but i don't know about changing the history of a team (never done that). There is some sort of bug in the editor which affects duplicated players but from what you've said you aren't experiencing the effects of that bug either. I'm not the most experienced user of the editor but i think i've encountered most of the bugs in it, except the one you are describing. I don't know much about it but when you swapped your team into the league did you edit Portugal's nation rules? I think it might have happened to someone on these forums before, where they changed the teams in a league but didn't edit the nation rules and it had some bad effects on the game (again, i'm not an expert so i might be wrong). Someone with more experience with the editor will probably be here soon to advise you, but those are my thoughts on the problem.

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