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[FM10] TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - With the money of Dietmar Hopp


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fmqoi1.jpgTSG 1899 Hoffenheim - With the money of Dietmar Hopp fmqoi1.jpg

> Some history...

The club was formed in 1899 as Turnverein Hoffenheim which was a gymnastics club. The modern-day club was later formed in 1945 when Turnverein Hoffenheim and Fußballverein Hoffenheim was merged into Turn- und Sportgemeinschaft 1899 Hoffenheim e.V.

When the German entrepreneur Dietmar Hopp started investing in the football club Hoffenheim, who at the time were playing in the 5th tier of German football, the club rapidly began climbing the league system.

By the end of the 2007/2008 season they had been promoted to the top-flight division Bundesliga. The 2007/2008 season was also their first season in professional football. During this season they acquired several fairly unknown players like Carlos Eduardo, Vedad Ibisevic, Demba Ba, Chinedu Obasi and Luis Gustavo who helped them to get promoted to the top tier in their first season in 2. Bundesliga, and who still are key-players for Hoffenheim. All of them except Carlos Eduardo were signed for a very small amount compared to what they are worth today.

In their first season in the Bundesliga they truly impressed, and was an extreme surprise in the league. After the first part of the season they were on top of the table and had scored 42 goals in 17 games, which impressed both the German and international press because of their fast and offensive playing style. Especially Ibisevic had been on fire, and had scored 18 goals in 17 games until the winter break. Unfortunately Ibisevic was injured in a friendly match, and his season was over. They lost one of their biggest attacking threats, and with injuries to other important players their form dipped. They eventually ended the season with 55 points.

They currently play their home games at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena which has a capacity of 30 000 (25 000 seated). It was opened in 2009 and replaced their former home ground, the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion. It also has a roof and undersoil heating. Hoffenheim currently have top training facilities and excellent youth facilities.


Version: FM2010 patch 10.3

Leagues loaded: Austria (top division only), Belgium (top division only), England (Championship and above), France (Ligue 2 and above), Germany (All leagues available), Holland (Erediviese only), Spain (La Liga only), Switzerland (top division only).

Database size: Large

Database changes: Using a transfers update for the summer of 2010.

> Why Hoffenheim?

I wanted to play with Hoffenheim because I had a very fun save with them on FM09. I think they have an exciting team with many young players that are important to the team. I will try to keep most of them, and to mostly buy German players. I will also focus on using youth players from my own academy and try to develop them as much as possible. With sugar daddy Hopp's money I'm sure I can improve the youth and training facilities a lot. I will try to continue their tradition of playing fast and offensive football, and will most likely be playing a 4-3-3 formation.

2uzwiko.jpg Demba Ba, Carlos Eduardo & Vedad Ibisevic

Next updates: Transfers & Squad

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Transfers Summer 2009


Transfers in:

Edgar Prib - Fürth - £2.1 million - An exciting young player, who I believe can become a very good midfielder. Can play in the centre of the park and

on the left wing. He will be in the first-team this season, even though he's only 19 years old.

Heiko Butscher - Freiburg - £1.8 million- A very good defender who can play at both leftback and centerback.

Freiburg funnily enough offered him to me for this price, and he accepted my contract over Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg and Köln.

Sami Khedira - Stuttgart - £5.25 million - A good player with a very good future. Surprised I got him this cheap, and he will go straight into my team.

Will probably play for Germany in the World Cup.

Björn Kopplin - Bayern München - £1.7 million - Is a good backup player as he can play everywhere in defence. Came pretty cheap,

and can also develop into a useful player.

Johannes Geis - Fürth - £1.8 million - A young player with good potential. He will play in the under 19's, but will feature more for the first-team next season.

Transfers out:

Andreas Ibertsberger - Werder Bremen - £2.4 million - Is a good utility player, but with Kopplin and Raitala who can play all over the defence,

I didn't need him. So when Werder made a bid, I negotiated it to include a sell-on percentage of 40%.

Ramazan Özcan - Lecce - £1.3 million - Backup-backup goalkeeper in the squad behind Hildebrand and Starke, and not good enough.

Daniel Haas - Rubin Kazan - £ 1 million - Backup-backup-backup goalkeeper, and even worse than Özcan.

Matthias Keller - Wormatia Worms - Free - Old and not a good player at all.

Florian Lambracht - Lübeck - Free - Didn't see him having a future at the club, and neither did my assitant manager.

Juri Neumann - Free

Alexander Rosen - Free

David Kienast - Free

Sebastian Grub - Free

Kai Herdling - Free

<> And please tell me if I can do something better, or if I should change something.

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January update

I'm now at the end of January, and the season has gone superbly up to this point. I'm 2nd in the league after 22 games, and have beaten teams like Bayern München, Stuttgart and Schalke. I hope the good form will continue for the rest of the season, and because of that I signed 2 more players in the January transfer window. Felix Kroos and Mario Ticinovic arrived for £600 K and £1.1 million respectively. Kroos will be in the first-team squad, while Ticinovic will play with the under 19's and under 23's.

But I didn't only buy players in January. I sold and loaned out players too. Isaac Vorsah left for Dortmund for £3.5 million + 50% sell-on. Prince Tagoe and Per Nilsson both left on loan to Valenciennes and Bursaspor respectively. Both with options to buy. Albert Alex, from the under 19's squad left on loan to our feeder club, Aue. I have also secured the services of the Hannover left-back Konstantin Rausch, as his contract expires on June 30th. He will join on a 3-year contract on a free transfer. He will be back-up to Butscher when he arrives. I also agreed a transfer for Hajduk's Marko Livaja. He will join on August 26th 2012, as he is only 16 years old at this time. Non-EU players must wait until they are 18 to move clubs.

I'm going to play 2. Bundesliga's 1st placed team, Hertha BSC, in the quarter final of the German Cup later in February. So far this season I've played 27 games, scored 48 goals (1.8 per game) and conceded 24 (0.9 per game). My top goalscorer is Vedad Ibisevic with 12 goals, and the top assister is Chinedu Obasi with 11 assists. Luis Gustavo has got most cards with 11 yellow cards, and Demba Ba has been the best overall performer (7.40 in average rating).



|A| Hoffenheim 3 - 0 US Orleans | Wellington, Maicosuel, Prince Tagoe

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 0 Evian Thonon Gaillard

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 2 Eintracht Braunschweig | Obasi, Maicosuel

|A| Hoffenheim 5 - 0 Leixoes | Ibisevic (2), Jaissle, Prince Tagoe, Weis

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 0 Bonn

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 0 River | Prib, Obasi

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 2 Steaua | Maicosuel


|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 St. Pauli | Ibisevic

|H| Hoffenheim 2 - 1 Nürnberg | Ibisevic, Salihovic

|A| Hoffenheim 4 - 1 Stuttgart | Ibisevic, Salihovic, Khedira (2)

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 0 Kaiserslautern | Ibisevic, Salihovic

|A| Hoffenheim 3 - 0 Frankfurt | Obasi, Ba, Ibisevic

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 Leverkusen | Salihovic

|A| Hoffenheim 3 - 1 Schalke | Ibisevic (2), Obasi

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 Bayern München | Ba

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 0 Gladbach

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 Wolfsburg | Khedira

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 Hamburg SV | Obasi

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 5 Werder Bremen | Wellington

|H| Hoffenheim 5 - 1 Mainz | Ibisevic, Obasi (2), Simunic, Noveski o.g.

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 Hannover | Wellington

|A| Hoffenheim 1 -1 Freiburg | Simunic

|H| Hoffenheim 0 - 4 Köln

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 2 Dortmund | Ibisevic, Ba

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 St. Pauli | Salihovic

|H| Hoffenheim 4 - 0 Stuttgart | Maicosuel, Ibisevic (2), Beck

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 0 Nürnberg

|H| Hoffenheim 2 - 0 Kaiserslautern | Ibisevic, Obasi

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 Bayern München | Ba

German Cup:

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 0 Oberneuland | Ba, Carlos Eduardo

|H| Hoffenheim 3 - 1 Werder Bremen | Obasi, Maicosuel (2)

|A| Hoffenheim 3 - 1 Bayern München | Salihovic, Khedira, Ba

Here is the league table.


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End of season update



|H| Hoffenheim 2 - 1 Frankfurt | Wellington (2)

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 1 Leverkusen

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 Schalke | Khedira

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 3 Hamburger SV | Salihovic

|H| Hoffenheim 0 - 0 Gladbach

|A| Hoffenheim 0 - 2 Wolfsburg

|H| Hoffenheim 0 - 1 Werder Bremen

|A| Hoffenheim 4 - 0 Mainz | Obasi (2), Maicosuel (2)

|H| Hoffenheim 3 - 0 Hannover | Ba, Maicosuel (2)

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 0 Freiburg | Obasi

|A| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 Köln | Maicosuel

|H| Hoffenheim 1 - 1 Dortmund | Salihovic

This made the final league table look like this:


I entered a bit of a dip in form during March and dropped a lot of points. I finally turned it around against Mainz, and didn't lose any of the last 5 games of the season. Mt top performers after the winter break were Maicosuel and Obasi who scored very important goals. Salihovic did very good too. I'm excited with the challenge of leading Hoffenheim to their first European cup ever, and want to reach a top 4 place next season in the Bundesliga. Carlos Eduardo didn't have a good season as he was injured before the first league game, and was back at Christmas. He picked up some other small injuries later too, and Salihovic and Maicosuel were playing so well that he had to warm the bench.


Top Goalscorer: Ioannis Amanatidis (22 goals), Edin Dzeko (18 goals), Nelson Valdez (15 goals)

Manager of the Year: Felix Magath (Schalke), Me (Hoffenheim), Jürgen Klopp (Dortmund)

German Footballer of the Year: Hugo Almeida (avg.rating. 7.51), Arjen Robben (avg.rating. 7.35), Chinedu Obasi (avg.rating. 7.21)

Striker of the Year: Patrick Helmes (Bayer Leverkusen)

Midifelder of the Year: Franck Ribery (Bayern München)

Defender of the Year: Naldo (Werder Bremen)

Goalkeeper of the Year: Tim Wiese (Werder Bremen)

Team of the Year:

GK: Tim Wiese

DR: Rafinha

DL: Benedikt Höwedes

DC: Naldo

DC: Christoph Metzelder

MR: Arjen Robben

ML: Franck Ribery

MC: Michael Ballack

MC: Mesut Özil

ST: Ioannis Amanatidis

ST: Hugo Almeida

German Cup:

|A| Hoffenheim 2 - 1 Hertha BSC | Ibisevic, Salihovic | Quarter Final

|H| Hoffenheim 2 - 0 Dortmund | Ibisevic (2) | Semi Final

|N| Hoffenheim 2 - 1 Gladbach | Ba (2) | Final

We won the German cup! I'm really pleased with this title, and especially considering the teams we beat on the way to the final. Werder Bremen, Dortmund and Batern München are all better teams than mine. This also meant I was guaranteed a place in the Europa League competition next year.

I was behind early in the final when Gladbach scored in the 13th minute. I tried to break down their play, but didn't succeed at all. They got a player sent off in the 40th minute, but managed to hold on until halftime. I told the players that they could win this, and it helped. I controlled the game, but it was difficult to score due to their goalkeeper having a very good game. Due to injuries to Obasi and Ibisevic, I moved Demba Ba up to the striker position from the wing, and he turned the game around. He scored twice in the 83rd and 86th minute and it could easily have been a 3rd and a 4th goal for my team too in the dying minutes.

Gladbach vs Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim Awards:

Top Goalscorer: Vedad Ibisevic (15 goals (12 league goals))

Top assister: Chinedu Obasi (14 assists)

Highest Average Rating: Demba Ba (7.43 in 34 apps)

Most MOM: Demba Ba (7)

Worst Discipline: Luis Gustavo (15 yellow cards/ 0 red cards)

Best Eleven:

GK: Timo Hildebrand

DR: Andreas Beck

DL: Heiko Butscher

DC: Josip Simunic

DC: Marvin Compper

CM: Sami Khedira

CM: Sejad Salihovic

AMR: Chinedu Obasi

AMC: Maicosuel

AML: Demba Ba

ST: Vedad Ibisevic

Transfers 2010/11

This are my transfers for next season:


As I said in the last update, Konstantin Rausch joined on a free from Hannover. Montpellier were relegated from Ligue 1, so they had transfer listed a lot of players. Karim Ait Fana and Abdel El Kaoutari were two of them. I tried to get Younes Belhanda too, but he chose PSV over me. Along with the transfers on the screeny, Björn Kopplin will leave on loan to either Bielefeld, Rostock or 1860 München for a year. He didn't impress when he had the chance, and with El Kaoutari and Feltscher joining he would get even less playing time. Yann Sommer is a very talented player who will be back-up to Hildebrand this season. Tom Starke is currently injured but will leave when he recovers. Necip Uysal were recommended to me from my scouts, and will play in the Hoffenheim II-team. Göhlert is a young and promising central defender. Christian Eichner was surplus to requirements even though he played good last season. Was behind Butscher, Rausch, El Kaoutari and Jaissle at left-back. Per Nilsson and Wellington might leave too, but I haven't found any buyers yet.

Next Update: Squad presentation 2010/2011

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