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African Cup of Nations - couple of questions.


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Ive read most of the stickies on the top of the forum and done searches but still a bit confused and wanted some help.

My plan is to start a career game in the Premiership only buying African players.

But I realised that by doing that i will risk losing all my players to the African Cup of Nations in January, thus ruining my game.

Ive read you cannot edit international competitions, i was going to change the start date to June. I'm 99% sure i cant do that. Is that correct?

If yes, it is possible to delete the competition or edit it in such a way that it doesnt work and it is not recognised as a cup competition. But still maintain

that the game doesn't crash.

If there anyone who can shed some light into my issues, I'd be very grateful.


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I am pretty sure you can edit when it will start. Be careful that you don't make it clash with the World Cup if you put it in June. I think I read somewhere that in reality it may be changed to years when there is no World Cup and ran in the summer instead anyway so you could edit it to be like that. You can also edit to not be recognised in the game and not run at all.

To do either, you will need to use the advanced panel though which is trickier to use than the normal editor. I've not much experience of it myself but can help you to get it to show in the editor if you want.

The advanced editing thread will of help to you in regard to using it. :thup:

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