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Awards don't make sense

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Pato won the german footballer of the year yet Alexis Sanchez or Eren Derdiyok should have easily won the award ahead of it.

Here is how the award finished, no sign of the two greats.


Here is how Pato did in the season


Here is how Alexis did in the season, much better than Pato


And here is the league player statistics

Sanchez came top in most


So how does Pato win the award ahead of Sanchez?!

The players with the best rep beat the players who truely deserve the award.

Can anyone see a reason why pato should win the award?

What determines who wins awards? As I see most of the award winners as an utter joke

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Reputation seems to have a massive impact in the game. Generally players like Messi, Ronaldo and Pato in this case win the awards provided they have a good season. If a player with a lower reputation has an even better season they won't win. That is what I have noticed anyway.

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well at ajax i had a defender up for young player of the season award, his average rating was around 7.3 and he played 25 games. he didnt even make the top 3, the player finishing top had an average of 7.5 and played 1 GAME.

surely the player who was top shouldnt of even been in the shortlist

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The game just hates Sanchez... From my current save (with the SPL edited to be better after i won the Europa cup and Champions League, so his goals count just the same as the rest)


Equal amount of games as Ronnie puppet, more goals and more assists than the other two but the least votes.

Oddly enough Messi didnt even make the starting XI of the world team of the year yet Sanchez did and he still didnt get ahead of him.

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