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Why does my player want to leave?

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My young wonderkid known as Kelechi Isa wants to leave the club for Chelsea, last season I had loaned him out to Liverpool for £500k, he was very successful there and now he has just returned. I cannot understand why he would want to leave for Chelsea though as they have done crap in comparison to my side.

Here is Chelsea's achievements and then my achievements from this year which are clearly much better.

I have upped the German League's rep to


after all my achievements. Now I know that the premier leagues rep is


but I still don't see this as a reason for him to leave.

Also Chelsea finished 6th in the prem for last season so they aren't even getting Champions League football.

So can anyone explain this stupid little scenario, why does he want to leave?

Because it is a bit of a ****take

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Can;t see your screenshots but is he playing regularly? Can you offer high wages? Is he disliked by other players?

He was on loan last season and played regularly for them, I suppose I could offer a new contract and no he isn't disliked.

If you want him to stop and are not fussed about it technicaly being cheating then increase your teams rep to the same as Chelsea.

Don't think I want to do that.

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Chelsea have a higher reputation than yours, that's the shortcut answer. "That" happens.

This. They were EPL champs 3 seasons running before this 6th position season. They'll take a hit for finishing 6th but their rep will probably still be around the 8800 mark. I don't know the ins and outs of German League rep (gains for finishing in certain positions etc., plus your spoiler tsg isn't working) but if it is anything like the complaints I've seen on previous versions about the French league then you'll struggle to get your rep to a level competing with a team who has won the EPL 3/4 seasons past.

Players judge by rep. They don't recognise Champions League football or potential future achievements. As an example I won the EPL with Villa, we were competing in the CL and in the following season were 8 points clear at the top but when the January window rolled around I had 3/4 players talking about 'needing to move to a bigger club to further their career'.

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