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Problem with a 10.3 patch

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Since i installed the 10.3 patch i am having a problem which was related with previous patches. The game ''stucks''.

It is loading and everything, but after i picked my team and go, say, to my first team meeting and click on a name (any name from any team) the game just stops running or takes about 5-7 min to get to the desired screen.

This happens in almost every screen i select.

The only way to avoid this, is to unistall all patches (i didnt have these problems with 10.1 &10.2) create a new game and then install all three of them again...

Is there any other solution?

I have the original game not a copy.

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How much ram and how many leagues are you using and how fast is your processor. I would first check your hard drive for errors. If that comes back ok I would suggest you uninstall the game and then reinstall and then install patch 10.3 (you dont need to install the others first). If you have a virus checker running then I would set it up so that it ignores the fm folders when its scanning as this can sometimes slow things down considerably. If you are running anything else at the same time then i would suggest that you download a free program called game booster which will temporarily stop any processes and programs running that you dont really need.

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I dont delieve it has anything to do with ram or the processor. The game runs smoothly with the 10.2 patch on. No problems regardless the number of leagues/players selected.

No hard drive errors. And it has nothing to do with other programs running at the same time.

I did unistall the game and installed the 10.3 but as i said nothing changed.

The only way i can play a new game without this happening is to unistall 10.3, begin a new game than instal the 10.3 patch again.

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