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Player Training Workload

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Does anyone know how this is calculated? It is obvious on the training screen that when you move the slider by one click for Strength training it has a greater impact on the overall workload for the training schedule than 1 click on Tactical training, which makes logical sense. But does anyone know the exact ratio for these increases by training type?

Also, what is the total numerical value for the entire "overall" workload bar, and what number represents light, medium, heavy and intensive?

It would be nice to be able to come up with training schedules on a spreadsheet and not have to do everything with trial and error.

Any help or links would be appreciated.

Thank you

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For those interested I have figured out most of my problem.

For First Team training the default "overall workload" is set to medium, and is 96 clicks on the overall bar. The following is a table showing when each workload description occurs based on how many clicks on the overall bar you do:

Light - 25 clicks

Medium - 70 clicks

Heavy - 110 clicks

Very Heavy - 120 clicks

Here is how each click on a training category affects the overall workload bar at the bottom:

1 click Strength = 2 clicks overall

1 click Aerobic = 2 clicks overall

1 click Set Pieces = .3 clicks overall

1 click on all other categories = .8 clicks overall

Youth is more complicated, I can't figure out the exact ratio for the fitness categories, but they are more intensive than they are for the senior team. 1 set piece click = .4 overall clicks, and 1 click on any of the other (non fitness) trainings = 1 click overall.

Hope that helps for those of you that like to use excel to design training schedules.

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I originally posted this information in SFraser's "A closer look at training" thread (post #502) if you want to look back over the discussion.
I would like to provide a contribution to this fantastic thread, which I don't believe exists in these forums, regarding the workload contributions of each of the training categories. I think that this analysis is most useful for anyone wishing to design schedules which result in a desired workload (eg. last notch of Medium).

This is only a small contribution in truth, but I hope it adds a small piece towards the full understanding of training mechanics.

The values I will present are the results of my own experience with the training module and have been obtained by playing with known slider positions (and some solving of a few simultaneous equations), I have not hacked the code in any way. Here goes:

Workload Notch No.s

0 None

1 Very Light

25 Light

70 Medium

110 Heavy

120 Very Heavy

130 Maximum

Category Notch No.s

0 None

1 Light

9 Medium

16 High

23 Intensive

25 Maximum

Senior Schedule Categories:

Strength, Aerobic:
1 notch = 2.12 Workload

Goalkeeping, Tactics, Ball Control, Defending, Attacking, Shooting:
1 notch = 0.83 Workload

Set Pieces:
1 notch = 0.33 Workload

Youth Schedule Categories:

Strength, Aerobic:
1 notch = 2.96 Workload

Goalkeeping, Tactics, Ball Control, Defending, Attacking, Shooting:
1 notch = 1.16 Workload

Set Pieces:
1 notch = 0.47 Workload

The Workload cost of the youth training categories are 40% higher than the equivalent senior categories.

Small rounding errors exist in my calculations and are unavoidable. However, all Workload values stated above are accurate to within a ±1 Set Pieces slider notch error in the resulting schedule.

Having obtained these values I have been able to replicate the individual category notch positions in an Excel tool and accurately and quickly obtain the corresponding Workload. In short, I have built the training sliders system in Excel.

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