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[FM10] Manchester City - English Challenge


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Hey Guys, inspired by this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/196830-The-Re-Anglicisation-Of-Manchester-United/page1 I thought I would attempt a similar challenge. I will keep you posted about how my Career develops.......


Mancini Removed as Manchester City Manager

Sky Sources believes, Silvester favorite to take over as manager

Bookmakers have slashed the odds on Coach Allen Silvester taking over from Mancini following suggestions of a fall out between the Italian and owners of the club the Abu Dhabi United Group.

An inside source at Eastlands state that the board at Manchester City wants to recruit and nurture English Talent, and the Italian Mancini doesn’t feel that this is the right way to achieve the clubs aim of Champions League Football.

The Eastlands club is due to make a statement on later in the evening.


Silvester named as Manchester City Manager

Rookie Allen Silvester confirmed as manager of Manchester City, and states English Ambition

Sitting alongside owners of Man City Allen Silvester confirmed his delight at having the opportunity to work at a club the size of Manchester City and confirmed his plans for the club.

Silvester 30, intends to follow 3 criteria during his reign at Eastland’s and this is highlighted below:-

  1. Every member of the Squad by the start of the season must be English
  2. Only permitted to sign 5 Under-21 English Players from Lower League Clubs per Season
  3. All other new cash signings must only be from Premier League clubs & be English.
  4. English players over 21 from non-Premier League clubs can only be as free transfers or Bosman transfers

This will send shockwaves through the existing squad and a mass clear out is expected from Eastland’s alerting a host of clubs across the premiership and Europe.

Silvester hasn’t openly stated his aims for the season, but the Manchester City owners will no doubt expect the club to be challenging to a Champions League position.

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I have spent much of my time re-shaping my playing squad.

The first thing I needed to do was indentify which English players I had available and move all non-english players to the Reserves, Transfer List them and offer them to clubs. As you can see a major overhaul was needed.

The Club gave me £55m transfer funds for a minimum expectation of Continental Qualification through League Position, so I knew I needed to generate another £50m+ to purchase the players I needed.


These are the Transfers that I have made in order to re-shape the squad


You will see that I have not been able to offload Tevez or Adebayor this is because they had only recently signed and show no interest in leaving. They will simply sit in my reserves until they become unhappy and then move on.


This is how my Squad looks now with all transfers made and in


Starting Eleven

This is my Starting Eleven if all players are Fit


Things are starting to take shape the way that I want them to, and I am generally happy with my squad in terms of quality just short of quality back up. I am hoping to avoid injuries as much as I can until January when I hope to be able to sell Tevez & Adebayor and use the money to further strengthen my squad.

Results & Table to Follow……

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With so many changes to the squad and starting eleven I was a little concerned at how well the squad would gel, however so far my concerns have not been justified as the results will show


This is how my team has performed so far…

As you can see we started with a tough game at home with the Manchester Derby, and was pleased that we managed to come away from such a tough game first game of the season as winners.


League Table

After 8 games we find ourselves top, I have observed in the games we have played that the team lacks a certain degree of flair & creativity, however we are very difficult to break down, we limit teams to shooting from distance and we do seem to defend our leads well.


Future Transfers

I have also managed to secure the services of Lansbury & Wiltshire from Arsenal so not only am I developing a team to challenge for honors now but the players are all young and will build a strong foundation for the future


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Nice to see you giving it a try.

I have tried to model my teams style of play on that of Germany at the world cup, defend strongly and hit teams on the counter I will post my formation/tactics in the tactics area of the formation and link it from here when I have done so.

Last Match

This is my last match vs West Ham (A)


As you can see from this game, even though West Ham have had 12 shots I have restricted them to only 2 on target. The pleasing thing for me is we created 8 Clear Cut Chances and with Jermaine Defoe playing for me he managed to score a Hat-Trick.

I will continue to post my progress as I play more games.

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I am not allowing myself to sign players who have gained English Nationality.

My only rules are those specified in my opening post. I hope that it will come to a point where I have the England team made up of at least of my team, similar to the Spanish side in the World Cup Final which had 7 players from Barcelona.

As it stands I have 9 players from Man City in the England Squad in my game, and several playing for the Under 21's.

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Defensively Strong

As you can see from the below screenshot, I have made my Man City team very hard to beat, and with a team full of English players will that help our National Side?


We are enjoying a good run of form, and in particular Jermaine Defoe has been a major plus for the team and myself.


I will post Updated League Table and Results at the halfway point of the season....

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Halfway point of the season almost upon me and my Man City side has performed above all expectation levels.

However, I am going through the injury crisis I hoped I wouldnt face and this my change the course of my season signifcantly, I am almost at the January window but have the Christmas period to get through with currently the need to promote players from my reserves/youth team

Injury Crisis


Several players close to recovery but with my next game being Manchester United (a) I am fearing the worst.

Results *Update*

Since my last post of results, we started at Burnley (h) and you will see that I have had a good run of games, and has highlighted kept it very tight defensively.


League Table *Update*

That run of results has kept me in a very comfortable league position and I am hoping as long as the injury crisis doesnt hit me too hard maintain a challenge for the title.


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Well I am now getting to the "Business End" of the season, All the January Transfers in and I believe I now have a squad that I will not to add to massively/change for some time.


Well the board kindly invested another £47m in to the transfer kitty meaning they had given me an impressive £113m for Transfers this season, and with the £87m generated through sales of Non English players meant that I had an impressive £200m transfer budget this season.

I have however spent £240m and this is by securing some players with 48 monthly installments, normally this wouldnt be advised and my be a crippler for some clubs however I still have Carlos Tevez, Robinho, Toure, Stephen Ireland who I am certain I will be able to get me £40 million so I break even.

I do think I have probably overpaid for some people, but that was probably because I was desperate to secure the best English talent available! I only see myself needed to buy a left back to replace the ageing Wayne Bridge and I have set my sights on Kieran Gibbs.



As you can see I have experienced some defeats now, the worst was the 4-0 defeat at Old Trafford which didnt go down well the supporters. As I highlighted in my previous post though, I was going through a MAJOR injury crisis which meant I had a make shift team


League Table

Well we find oursleves in a very comforatble position, and much higher than I anticipated finding oursleves in. I really thought with the MASSIVE change of personnel the club had seen it would be a season based around aiming for Europe, Squad Gelling not challenging for the Title. We have some really important games to go between now and the end of the season and even if we fail to win the title this season, I am sure next season we will have to be considered favourites.


Will post the Final Stats later this evening...........Watch this Space!!!!!

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Well my first season in charge of the All English Manchester City has come to an end, and after a close run in unfortunately was narrowly beaten to the title by Chelsea.

Final Results

Things were looking promising until the Arsenal game, unfortunately we lost 2-1, frustratingly Chelsea also lost meaning if we had won that game we would have gone top and been in pole position. Because of this I made a major managerial mistake and changed my style of play from a style of play that had put me in to this position and this saw me lose to Birmingham and Liverpool also.


Final Table

Overall though I am pleased with what we achieved and to finish 2nd and above my rivals united was pleasing.



Despite losing out in the league we did manage to bring some Silverware to Eastlands in the form of the FA Cup and although it wasn't a spectacular game or performance we were far superior to Newcastle United.


Overall Summary

Premier League - Runners Up

FA Cup - Winners

League Cup - Quarter Finalists

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I am now already looking forward to next season with the added pressure of Champions League Football.


Overall the board & fans seem to be happy with my overall performance, and i will look to build on this next season


Stadium Expansion

The Board also seem to be looking for greater things with the expansion of the stadium. This leads me to believe that the expectation on me to deliver the Premier League Trophy and perform in the Champions League is clearly on.


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Ok well the fixtures are out, and the planning is well underway.

The board has set me what they want me to achieve and as what was expected the pressue is on



That aside the odds on me winning the title also seem to add that little extra pressure



Its now time to organise some friendlies and look at minor additions to the squad and try to sell some unwanted players, will keep you posted on my progress!

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