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Player Instructions

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Depends what their stats are.

Go through all the pre-defined alternatives (Deep-lying playmaker, box-to-box midfielder, etc) until you find the one that makes the most of his abilities.

Also important that they fit in with your overall tactics as well.


Just saw your tactics pic.

The league you are in looks fairly low level so I would keep things simple.

The DM I would want as an anchor man/defend or you could push forward into an MC position and play him as a Ball Winning Midfielder/defend - Make sure he has the right skills.

If you stick with the lone striker/AMC partnership I would want the ST on a support order with the AMC on the attack order.

Otherwise I would consider pushing your AMC forward into a ST position and playing him as a deep lying forward/support leaving your ST on attack as either a poacher/target man/advanced withever suits best.

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i think player insturctions are vital to success and failure. i had samaras for southampton in league 1 had him as a complete forward he scored 2 in 11 changed it to a defensive forward then he bagged them in.

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Like said above, entirely depends on the players stats that you have as to what role suits them best.

I never liked formations like that one, they confuse me, I prefer more simple ones :p My personal favourite is 4-5-1 with a DCM, 2 CM and a AMR/AML.

But anyway, if you can dominate the league easily, and the DCM is a defensive player rather than a creative player, then set him to DM with support. If he is creative, set him to the DLP. You should really only need 1 Playmaker, so if the ACM or CM is your playmaker then you won't need this to be too.

For the ACM, they are usually the creative players, if that is so, then set him to Advanced Playmaker possibly with Attack. or as a Trequartista. One other option is, as he has CF too, if he has good finishing skills as well as creative skills, you can set him as an Inside Forward. This way he will look to be scoring more rather than just setting up other players. It's almost the opposite to what a Trequartista would do.

For the striker, it depends if he's big and strong, or quick. If he's quick, then poacher, otherwise an Advanced Forward could be good if he has good finishing skills, or if he doesn't, but has good physical stats, then DLF to hold up the ball and wait for support.

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