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Desperate to make facepacks work

roi men

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I have this problem with these facepacks / megapacks, for some reason FM only chooses some certain pictures to show up in the game.

I downloaded some various versions of packs (cut-outs & 120x120 facepack)

I have already checked all pictures are in the correct folder (C:\Users\Roi\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\faces)

Already checked that config.xml file available in each folder and equivalent to players ID

also checked "Reload skin on confirm" and unchecked "use skin cache"

I'm desperate to make all of the faces show up, I am using new PC and never had any problems installing facepacks before.

Will highly appreciate your help


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Finally I found what I've been doing wrong.

Megapack as few Add-on packages, which should be in the same folder of the Megapack, and latest add-on should overwrite the initial config.xml.

Hope it will help other user who face this problem

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When I have a face pack add on, should I move the folder over into the MEGAPACK folder or just the contents?

I have the same problem, I seem to be missing the EPL faces atm. Just going to re download an add on so I can read the instructions again

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