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What's your net spend?

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I've somehow managed to develop this trait that has made me pretty stingy. As a result, I always seem to be keeping an eye on my net spend. I've been pretty happy that I've never been into a positive figure in this save, well, until last season where I decided to drop 23.5m on one player (oops).

So, what's you're net spend, whats the highest amount you've spent on one player and what's the highest you've received for one player?

My net spend currently at 3m. I've bought 31 players and sold 56. I've spent £213m and received £210m.

The highest fee spent is 23.5m and my highest recieved is 31m.

I'm worried that the coming summer is going to really damage my net spend now :(:D

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I am also trying the trend of being totally stingy with signings. I am managing Caersws in the WPL, don't really have the funds. So this is a forced hand for now.

Transfer budget £0

Maximum fee for a player in £0

Maximum fee for a player going out £0

Highest so far is for a Assistant Manager £2,000

Not to bad, as I have played the game more I am no looking for bargains, and not spending too much, made too many mistakes in the past.

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Man City in April 2013

Highest Fee Spent: £31M

Highest Fee Recived: £43M

Overall Spent: £229M

Overall Recieved: £270M

so a net gain of £41M, although that will go out of the window when I replace Adebayor with the £26M signing that is Bendtner. just got to get a good deal for Adebayor now.

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St Mirren 2025 (march)

Highest fee spent: £24M

Highest free received: £42M

Bought: 86

Sold: 86

Total value of players bought: £162M

Total Value of players sold: £252M

So basically I'm up around £90M in the 5741 days I've been managing. Sounds kinda low really!.

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Managing Preston North End, in my 11th season. In the job for 3798 days.

Total Spend = £195m on 82 players

Total Sales = £144m on 71 players

Net Spend = £51m

Biggest purchase = £19m for David, a Spanish midfielder (newgen)

Biggest sale = £10.5m for Dean Ashton

I seem to be a bit more spendthrift than you guys. I think its because I don't cash-in on as many good players, I tend to hang on to them if at all possible, though in this save there have been times I've been forced to sell. Also, most of that net spend has come about recently due to the luxury of Champions League money, before that my spending was pretty much = to sales.

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Highest fee spent: £38m (bug: I had a 50% sell-on clause but it turns out £0 + £38m over 24 months didn't give me that 50% back. :( He wasn't worth £38m, or anywhere near it)

Highest fee received: £32m

Total value of players bought: £587,000,000

Total value of players sold: £1,042,000,000

After 43-and-a-bit seasons.

I make a net profit in just about every season, with the odd big spending every now and then.

Net spend for past 5 seasons:

2051-2052: £12m - £27.5m = -£15.5m

2050-2051: £3.1m - £14.25m = -£11.15m

2049-2050: £1.4m - £12.75m = -£11.35m

2048-2049: £1m - £0 = £1m

2047-2048: £1.4m - £56m = -£54.6m

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This is with Everton, I'm in 2021 and been with them all my career. My net spend was alot better but I've had a bit of a spending spree recently. :) Why not? I worked hard to get where I am, so now the fun can begin. :)

TOTAL SPENT: £357,000,000

TOTAL RECEIVED: £466,000,000

HIGHEST FEE SPENT: £30,000,000 (Just bought him, a regen centreback)

HIGHEST FEE RECEIVED: £37,500,000 (Sold a regen last summer, astonomical offer I couldn't refuse)

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