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Managing in Brazil

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I love it. The football there is so much different compared to English football on tis game.

It is the first time I have managed outside of England and I am loving it. With a transfer market open all season, only allowed to sign 3 foreign players and alot of good oung players.

I started off in the third division managing America FC, half way through the season, I am doing ok, signed around nine, ten players for the club, only one using money, rest on a free.

Anybody else managing in Brazil?

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I had a good game with Santos when Robinho was there years ago. 2005 was it?

I had a good few seasons but teams poaching my youngsters became annoying, I prefer to do the poaching. ;)

managed Gremio in the FM2010 demo, really enjoyed it! unfortuante it was the demo *thumbs down*

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