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A New Experience

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I'm gonna load up a few leagues, hit random team and go. I don't want anything lower than the 2nd tier. I am quite bored of England, but want them for future so will be including them. I fancy a few German teams so will include that. I want some slightly different suggestions to Spain/Italy etc. Mix of medium leagues preferably :)

My computer is 2 and a half star performance rating and is generally fast enough, so I need you to reccomend me some leagues.

LIST so far-

England -> Championship +

Germany -> Bundesliga

Ireland -> All

Greece -> All

Hungary -> All

Thank you very much for the suggestions, as you can understand I can't load every league - with these it's 2 and a half star rating :)

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Holland - Eredivisie (awesome league)

Greece - Superleague (really Panathinaikos and Olympiakos rule this league with AEK the next best)

Belgium - Jupiler Pro League (Anderlecht + Standard as above... also the Brugge derby is pretty decent)

Australia - A-League (Fun league relatively short season + good rivalrys + interesting squad regulations + intercontinental football in the form of Asian Champions League which eventually leads to Club World Champs)

Japan - J-League (never managed here but give it a try ;))

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Hungary is fun to manage. Trying to stop Debrecen win the league is the challenge. It does have a stupid league cup with far too many fixtures tho!

Russia too is fun. There are enough good teams to make it challenging, and enough money to make building a team fun!

Croatia is challenging if you try to be anyone other than dinamo. And if you choose to be Dinamo, then you can try to do something in europe, and continually find and buy all the best croatian players.

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I had a lot of fun in China back in '09. It's a realtively small league, so the seasons don't drag on like some, and there's no stupid overcomplicated rules like a lot of South American leagues have. Continentally, the ACL should be a good challenge, as Chinese clubs aren't the strongest in it, but nor are they totally outclassed.

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