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Tactical Inclinations

How do you use your tactics throughout a season ?  

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  1. 1. How do you use your tactics throughout a season ?

    • Rhino: Create one and use it no matter what or which team I run.
    • Homo Sapiens: I tend to create a tactic specialised for the team I pick and I insist on it.
    • Owl: I got two different tactics designed for home and away matches.
    • Fox: I may change the formation during the match according to the result and incidents.
    • Chameleon: I tend to change formations from match to match.
    • Sloth: What tactic ? I am Barça and I got Messi and stuff, who cares ?

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Already been threads on this use the search. Also if you're wanting to do a thread like this then put more effort it to get people to actually post...you didn't even offer your own opinions or views so why should someone else post?

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