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GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread


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We have been thrown out of GQ for having this thread so now we have moved here, this thread will be used for the progress of our game. This game is one of the largest around and after slow progress in Pre-season things have started to speed up. We are mainly playing in the nationwide leagues but do have a manager in the top flight.

Playing Times

Tuesday: 8pm-11pm

Thursday: 8pm-11pm

There may be a 15 min T and T session before the start of each session if the host is up for it.

Also any mod, can you please rename the thread title "GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread" and delete the first post and this bit too.

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Forgot to add, links:

The website: http://sevvy.co.uk/gqonline

The Official Forums: http://francocataldo.proboards24.com

Also the management team consists of:

Host/Creator: Ferbre

Forum Handler and chief: DezMW

General Knower of nothing: JediMonkey

Tea-Lady/Skivvy/Youngster: Joe Finnigan

Webmaster and general critiziser of everything, also forum owner: Francooooooo

Can all players use the official forums for drivel, this thread is for team and game updates only.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>From DezMW

Unknown at the helm for the Reds

After many years of attempts to return to the big time, Nottingham Forest have turned to a new face amoungst the wise heads of football. This new face they hope will return them to the glory days of the Clough era.

The unknown mager hopes to lead Forest in a new direction and, although he undoubtely will face some sceptisism from the home fans, he knows his no nonsense approach to football will win the majority over. It remains to be seen whether this man has the talents to deliver what he preaches. We await the results with baited breath. Step forward Dez Wilkins <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> From caleyjag

Shaky start to Gers pre-season

Rangers gaffer Davie Murchison was slammed today for going on holiday while his players toughed it out in a gruelling 3 game pre-season schedule.

His assistant Andy Watson took control of the team for the 1-0 defeat to Falkirk picking a strange looking team, not the team Murchie had picked before the matches.

Along with this, Nuno Capucho and Emerson have both hit out at their manager for publicly trying to sell them off to other clubs. Murchie refused to comment but instead looked on the positive side after enquiring after a few players but stressed to fans not to expect big money signings and instead insisted that he will have to look to the lower leagues for potential signings.


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> From Stan_Petrov

Donnachie does Dublin

New Celtic Manager Anthony Donnachie has not turned up for his new job at Celtic Park. He is Apparently in Dublintrying to get a flight to Glasgow but the Airline wont let him on as he is apparently so drunk.

Martin O'Neill has been appointed caretaker manager until he returns.

More news to follow


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> From RedRob

Shambles at Wimbledon

The most hated team in the football league managed to upset the few die-hard fans they had left by appointing a complete unknown as manager. Rumours that Stone was given the job after promising to bring along everybody he knew in Surrey Quays to the new stadium have, however, been strenuously denied by the MK Dons Board. It This latest escapade by the Dons board have left the fans wondering how it could get any worse as administration looms, playing in a stadium miles away from wimbledon, and a complete unknown with absolutely zero management knowledge in charge.

The first week of the new season seemed to last forever for the few remaining Dons fans as day after day bids for their star players had to be turned down, whilst manager Rob Stone began his search for loan signings as there was no chance of a permenant signing due to the 14m debt and 30m loan that was heavily burdening the clubs plan for success.

After a long arduous week in charge I finally managed to add to my squad with Mbark Boufassa coming in on a season long loan from Chelsea, and Courtney Pitt in a similar arrangement from Portsmouth. There was, of course, no option to buy these players in the future built into their contracts. Loan bids for Bellion, Pericard, Marinelli and many more were unsuccessful as it seemed the prospect of playing infromt of 5,000 ‘fans’ at an altered hockey stadium was not attractive to all.

As the week came to an end it was clear I needed a break, and left my coach to handle the pre-season friendly’s that were approaching due to the unfortunate lack of an assistant manager.

I just hope that during this time none of my players are sold on the cheap, or that the dreaded administration arrives………….


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Franco Cataldo was appointed manager of Sheffield Utd, expectations are high as the italian is expected to add some flair to a side that is often so close but yet so far. Exctement is building all around Sheffield, and brammal lane are looking good for being an EPL ground next season, with stars like Michael Tonge, things couldn't look better for the Blades title assault.

In the transfer market Sheffield are going to have to offload first and Cataldo has already begun, Page is rumoured to be leaving for around 500k which would allow Cataldo to bring in that creative spark up top.

Up first in the league are Derby at home, and then a tough trip to West Ham where he will come face to face with Rich Hughes (ookr).

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Unknown takes over at WBA

The fans and media alike were left dumbfounded earlier today when they discovered that manager Rich Stevens had turned down the oppurtunity to take over his beloved Brighton team and instead has gone for the oppurtunity to take over at WBA. Chairmaln Jeremy Peace has revealed his delight at landing the 35 year old life long seagulls fan but a lot of the fans do not share his optimism......

Reports are saying that his first signing will be a striker, and he may even "do a Reading* and try and sign Brightons young striker Leon Knight, whether the seagulls would let him go is another matter....

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Preston opt for a Finn, again

You remember Teuvo Moilanen, one of the greatest goalkeepers ever? Well he was from Finland and so is the new manager of Preston North End. Ossi Saarinen was was unveiled as the new manager in the press conference where he talked about his backround.

"My first manager experience was with Championship Manager 1. It was fun and got me interested about coaching. After that i have played all the CM's there is but I have also coached a real Football team. the appointment was a shock to me but I would like to thank Teuvo for puting a good word for me. He's a model proffesional and still a legend in here"

When asked about the goals of the season Mr. Saarinen was very optimistic and promised that Preston would reach to the play-off spot.

And so ends the press conference. Action, drama, and so on... Kwak, kwak

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Matthew Palmer the new Manager of SPL side Killmarnock has today blammed Ferbre (icon_razz.gif) for problems that caused him to miss all of Killies pre season friendlies. In an interview Palmer said

'When i first heard i was going to be the manager of killmarnock i knew very little about the team. I had to do a bit of research and attended a few training sessions. On taking over the team i already had an idea of my first team squad. So i called all the lads over and explained that as money was tight some players would have to go. I told them i don't have to sell key players just trim the wage bill.

I told the 22 players i wanted in my first squad who they were and got the assistant manager to start training again. Now although i offered the rest of the squad to other managers (and go told off for offering too many players icon_frown.gif ) I only managed to see two players for a grand total of 110k icon_frown.gif

Anyway i thought to my self that before the season started i would fly to france to look at some youngsters. However on the day i was due to return Ferbre jet cocked everything up and forced me to stay in france for the entire pre-season. I don't even know my friendly results. icon_frown.gif'

After the rant agains Ferbre jet Palmer went on to state his ambitions for the forth coming season.

'Caley and petrov will have o battle it out for second and third... Sorry but Killmarnock are going to take the title outside the old firm. I an very confident'

Palmer has agreed to a press conference next week.

Thankyou Ferbre Jet.

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Caleyjag returns from Stornoway

Rangers Manager Caleyjag has returned from Stornoway but insists he was not their to scout players:

"look, I told you before, p**s off!" he told the Daily Record.

The Sun is still sticking to its story that Caley is set to sign a local farm-labourer and fishmonger (the one with 10 fingers) for a nominal fee of 2 hebridean lassies and a poke of chips

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Hibs Boss Bites Back At Killie Manager

Speaking in a conference earlier today, Ferbre has revealed that he was shocked to hear the Killie's bosses comments and insists that it was all down to Mat's prolonged spells of farting about and poor ability to prepare with the time given.

He said "I'm really disappointed that we already have an awkward situation before the season has even started, but we have them at Easter Road on the second game of the season and that will sort the men from boys and I'm sure our lads won't be phased by the underhand tactics of an imcompetent coach"

So it all hangs on that game at Easter Road, the pressure is sure to be intense but will surely be a great atmosphere and hopefully a game to remember.

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Offer of Goodwill from Killie boss.

Killmarnock manger Matthew Palmer has offered to make peace with Ferbre after the two had a bust up. The bust up occured when Ferbre Jet caused Palmer to miss most of his sides preseason.

Plamer went on to say 'Good luck for the season but i'm afraid you won't be getting anything from your second game'

I would however love it...absolutely love it if you stuff the giants from glasgow.

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Caley's starts war of words with Stan, Ferbre & Mat

Gers gaffer caleyjag has today slammed Celtic, Hibs and Kilmarnock managers for giving their fans false hope for the upcoming season.

"It's disgusting that they are letting their fans beleive that they might actually win something this year when everyone else knows that this wont happen. Its conning the fans out of hard earned money to come along to see their team. Hopefully the managers will see sense and tell their supporters the TRUTH about how well they will do. MON THE GERS!"

The Sun is now in it's third day publishing reports of Rangers signing a couple of lads from Stornoway, although they now say the contracts have hit a snag with the fishmonger wanting 2 pokes of chips, and not the one.

A club "insider" says: "I dinnae ken whit yer jabbering on aboot pal by the way"

The Sun has translated this as meaning "contracts shall be finalised on Friday"

Manager caley was interupted by the press in training for the upcoming match against Hibs, as they enquired about these Stornoway rumours.

"Look, I told you before, p*** off!" he said.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> A club "insider" says: "I dinnae ken whit yer jabbering on aboot pal by the way"

The Sun has translated this as meaning "contracts shall be finalised on Friday"



Typical press

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Premiership titans battle to appoint rookie manager

It emerged today that a fierce biddding war is taking place between two premiership clubs in the race to attain the coverted signature of the hottest young manager in the country.

Ando82's incredible acheivements in guiding his local five-a-side team to the semi-finals of the County Durham Under 21s competition has sparked interest across the continent but Ando had made it clear he has decided to take up a post in the Premiership.

It is thought that overtures from Arsenal and Man United have been rebuffed by Ando, and that the only clubs left with a realistic chance of gaining his appointment are Portsmouth and Spurs. As a lifelong Lilywhite, Ando has made no secret of his belief that he is the man to lead Tottenham out of the dolldrums in which they currently reside but a possible obstacle to his taking up the reigns at White Hart Lane is Gary Doherty.

Ando has campaigned fiercely for the last three years to have Doherty removed from the Spurs squad by force and to have all record of him ever having bespoiled the hallowed turf of the Lane be removed from memory in Orwellian fashion. An unsuccessful court case brought by Anderson against the abomination that is Gary Doherty has soured relationships somewhat and it is believed that Anderson may have to ply his trade at Portsmouth instead.

The South coast club have been in poor form recently and Anderson is seen as the man most likely to save them from relegation in their first season in the Premiership. Negotiations are occuring throughout today and an annuncement as to the final destination of Ando is to be made tonight with both clubs having called press conferences for 8.00pm.

The world of football holds its breath...

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World of football to break breath holding record

At 8pm tonight, the world of football should officialy be the holder of the record for longest time anything has held its breath. ever. After ando82's post announcing the challenge football has placed itself in the rest of the world gasped. Probably to wind the world of football up.

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Manager responds to request for information

Due to the huge demand from the public (turps)requesting information on my team, potential signings and ambitions for the forthcoming season i have decided to set up a web site dedicated to Killie GQ . Information availibale will be first team squad Injuries transfers player histories and Profiles And finally all the latest news straight from the horses mouth. People can expect the site to be up AFTER next tuesdays round of matches.

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest (turps)

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mat:

_Manager responds to request for information_

Due to the huge demand from the public (turps)requesting information on my team, potential signings and ambitions for the forthcoming season i have decided to set up a web site dedicated to Killie GQ . Information availibale will be first team squad Injuries transfers player histories and Profiles And finally all the latest news straight from the horses mouth. People can expect the site to be up AFTER next tuesdays round of matches.

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest (turps)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Im Yer biggest fan ooooooh paper roses..those imitations icon_cool.gif

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Special Interview with Franco Cataldo

Hello, Franco Cataldo, how have you been doing?

Great Chris

Good to hear, how do you feel your team will perform this season and what sort of start you looking for?

Well I expect our first game against Derby at home not to be a pushover, people forget Derby were once a huge team, with players like Christian Daily. Obviously I'll be hoping for a win and I a good performance to satisfy the fans. Our second game is a tough trip to West Ham, they are ofcourse one of the favourites to go up to the premiership like us, I expect this game to be one of the toughest of the season, but playing West Hame away so soon after there relegation may give us a psycological advantage. Overall I hope our team can get promoted by either automatic promotion or via the playoffs.

Hopefully we'll see you in the premiership, and that would mean you would get live TV coverage (that game being the one against Man Utd). Putting on the pitch issues aside, how do you feel about the "war of words" going on at the moment?

Yes live TV would be great Chris. Well the "war of words" as the tabloids put are pure exagerration and speculation from the tabloid press. I know many of the managers supposedly involved quite well from my time as football player for Stanwick Rovers, and I am sure that the actual words said are just misunderstood banter as we put it.

Good perspective of things. Well that concludes the interview and I hope we will being seeing you next year on TV playing Man Utd.

Well Thank you too Chris.

*money slipped into pocket from David Gil*

<pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Interviewed by Chris Kammara from SKY SPORTS ©2003 </pre>

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Rob Stone in Rodney Marsh attack shocker

“The day began with an innocent interview with young wimbledon star Nigel Reo-Coker at The Hockey Bowel’s changing rooms, but soon developed into a nasty slanging match with the returning manager Rob Stone. The interview was as below.

How surprised where you that unknown Rob Stone was appointed as the manager of Wimbledon, only one day after your former manager, Stuart Murdoch, resigned?

It was certainly a shock Rodney. The lads, we couldn’t believe it, but he’s the gaffer now, and we respect him and hope that he brings us success.

You did quite well last season considering all that went on really – how do you see this season shaping up

Yeah, we did good but couldn’t reach the playoffs and ended up losing Shipperly and Connerly for really small amounts, which is a massive blow. Of course the lads still believe we’ve got a chance to do something this season, and we will certainly be pressing for a playoff spot.

Rob Stone managed to get both Mbark Boufassa and Courtney Pitt on loan for the rest of the season, have they impressed you

Yeah definitely. Although they’ve only been here a few days a few fresh faces will always liven things up you know, and like, they’ve been great like. They’re good lads and they’ve certainly impressed all the lads like.

What about the rumours that you’re about to be sold

I don’t really comment on speculation you know, it’s up to the manager at the mo, and he’s promised me that I’m a first team member, but footballs a funny game you know, you never know whats gunna happen.â€

It was at this point, however, when things took a nasty turn. Rob Stone walked into the changing room on his return from a scouting holiday and was shocked when he saw Rodney conducting the interview even though he had specifically denied permission to Marsh before he went on holiday. Rob Stone, clearly shocked by Rodney’s complete disregard for his wishes prompted the following expletive filled response.

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Get out Rodney, f*ck off. He’s not meant to be doing interviews, F*ck off. Get the f*ck out the room, you hear me, and don’t you ever come near me again. He’s a football player, he doesn’t need this. F*ck off you ***** *****! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

New manager Rob Stone clearly has his own enthusiastic style, but whether this will have unsettled the clubs star player is certainly a concern for the MK Dons fans. They will certanly be hoping that this agresssion can be focused on the clubs drive for success, and not on any referees or Robs Stone career will be a very short one.

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Controversial Appointment at Upton Park

West Ham fans are today venting their anger and disgust at chairman Terrence Brown for appointing not only an unknown manager, but an self-proclaimed Spurs fan as Glen Roeder/Trevor Brooking's replacement. Hoards of unhappy Hammers bombarded Mr. Brown's office with insults, balloons, and sharp nasal grooming instruments. One furious fan said: "GLLLLARRGFGHGHGHAGHBALAHAGHTAYALKGH".

In a press conference last night, new manager Rich Hughes graciously announced that he would put his personal allegiances into the background as he takes over the reigns at Upton Park. "I'm willing to give up my Spurs season ticket, i suppose," he barked at the assembled journalists "But i'm not happy about it."

After news that Hughes has already applied for the vacant Spurs job; is this a relationship destined for doom, or will Hammers fans see a return to the top flight? Answers on a postcard.

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As soon as Joe Finnigan was appointed as manager of Burnley, it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to get many new players on signings over the pre-season period. Burnley had absolutely no money to spend, so the club was going to have to look for as many free transfers and/or loans as possible if the squad was to be improved. Luckily, the squad was fairly good in all areas, with only the goalkeeper possibly needing backup with only one keeper in the first team.

A week has now passed and Finnigan hasn't made any signings or sales as of yet, but the club would be hoping that they will be able to get at least one or two players on loan or on free transfers soon. Burnley will be facing Norwich for their first competitive game of the season in Division 1.

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Murchie blasts flop players after Hibs failure

Rangers gaffer Caleyjag slammed his big name stars for failing to stand up to the Hibs strike force as Ferbres minnows ran rings round Moore and the rest of his defence.

Alan McGregor was singled out by many as being at fault for the goals but Murchie has so far not said anything on the matter.

Instead he pointed to the positives of the match:

"In the second half, we contained Hibs better, reducing their attacking opportunities and at the same time by pushing Lovenkrands further up to support the front two, we got some good creative play in the final third resulting in a few decent shots."

Asked about whether his strikers were up for the coming season given their poor form today Caley had this to say:

"The strikers here are paid a fortune. Arverladze missed an absolute sitter from 6 yards, and Mols just didnt do anything at all. Thompson didnt break into a sweat and either did de Boer. For all his experience, it looked like he was just going through the motions. Once a few changes were made, the team picked up the pace a bit, so I'll review the team for the next game. No doubt we need more attacking options. Weatherson is a player I have publicly said I would like to sign, but it's proving a difficulty in getting him. Morton arent wanting to let him go without a fight."

Caley also told fans not to jump onto his back too early on in the season:

"We were poor today, but we have to expect to lose points every so often. Ferbre put out a good team today and his tactics were spot on. We just couldn't contian the forwards. However, the next match, we may have the better players and tactics, and in that case we will win. I have no doubt we will learn from this, pick ourselves up before the CL game and prove to the rest of the SPL that we are THE force in Scottish football."

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Royals appoint unknown norwegian

The fans and media was really in for a shock today when Royals appointed an unknown norwegian as their new manager only days after Steve Coppels arrival. This made the media speculate on wether Coppel already had been into a major dispute with John Madejski, owner and CEO of Reading FC.

After the appointment a spokesperson for the fans said he was disgusted with the way Madejski had handled the situation, and the fact that their new manager was a "die-hard" blades fan with no experience didn't exactly help either. Immidietly after joining the club I ensured the fans I felt committed to the club and that I hoped to have a long, fruitful and good relationship to both fans and board.

After my arrival at the club I instantly started to look into my team to find out where I needed better players and/or more backup. I had heard rumours that Abel Xavier was on a free after his loanspell from Liverpool to Galatasaray and instantly contacted his agent to see if he was interrested in joining us. Right back wasn't one of my teams strongholds so I felt I needed more quality there.

After talking to Xavier his agent came back to me only a few days later and said that he would be delighted to join our club as long as he became a vital part of the team. icon_wink.gif

At the same time I contacted portugese AMC Dani to see if he might be interrested, and to my surprise noone else had asked for his services and he felt that joining Reading could be an exciting prospect and was very happy to move to England. icon14.gif

Although I already had 4 attackers in my squad I felt I needed more quality up front. To my surprise both Adrian Ilie and Magallanes was on a free transfer and I felt that they were just the kind of players I needed upfront to ensure that goals were scored. icon_biggrin.gif

None of them had many offers made to them and found my offer interresting enough to lure them to England. Although I had to stretch my wage limit to get them I think it was worth every penny. icon_smile.gif

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Stevens Blasts "Gutless" Albion

Rich Stevens has labelled his team gutless after they got off to the worst start possible losing away to Reading. The home team were down to 10 men early in the first half but this did not help WBA as Reading easily coped with the few Albion attacks, then in the 86th minute Nicky Forster scored from close range to grab a dramatic winner.

Stevens who has not made a signing yet will now certainly be searching the transfer market after talks with Readings Steven Sidwell have ended.....

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Firs match of the season. WBA at home. This match would for sure tell me if my team were up for a playoff chance yet again. THe match started with mostly chances to WBA and I feared that I were in for a trashing.

Only halfway into the first half my right wing manages to get a straight red and I fear the worst for the rest of the match wich was still levelled at 0-0 at the time.

The match went on with chances both ways although WBA came very close twice in the second half. 86 minutes gone. Magallanes comes free on the left side and runs down to the goalline and hits a wonderful cross onto the box where Nicky Forster who has come in for Adrian Ilie stands uncovered and can tap the ball into the net. A wonderful goal created by Magallanes. The rest of the match is without chances and the match ends Reading 1-0 WBA.

A great start to the season......

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Following his teams 5-0 Drubbing at the hands of Dunfermilne Killmarnock Manager Matthew Palmer has been reported to have booked himself into the clinic for depressees and addictees.

Last night the club were unavailable for comment but speaking to palmer in the post match press conference Palmer defended his decission to select Young Keeper Graham Smith.

'I thought he was up to it. In the first half the nerves got to him. I know he dropped 3 crosses for the first 3 goals but that is my fault. The reaction from the crowd dissapointed me and has shhattered the poor lads confidence. I have spoken to him and told him that he still has a huge part to play for the club but i feel it necessary to remove him from the first team for the next few weeks'

Supporters from Killie GQ were already furious at the appointment of such a young and inexperianced manager. Dave Ogilvie Chairman for the supporters club said

'At first we were furious the club appointed such an unknown manager. After a few days we decided that getting on his back would only damage the club, as a result we gave hik our full backing and support. We will continue to do so but our patience will not last for ever'

The match started badly for Killie who found themselves a goal down in the 4th minute. By half time it was 4-0. A hatrick for Young had ended the contest prematurely.

However some credit must be given to killie after a vastly improved second half saw them concede just the one goal.

At the post match interview Palmer also refused to confirm or deny speculation that he was after Montrose's Young Forward Martin Wood.

'There are a number of players i am looking at but due to financial restraints most of these are younger players plying their trade in the lower leagues.

It is believed Plamer then went to check himself into the priory clinic.

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On the 9th of August Manager Rob Stone lead his team out for the first time at Ipswich for a game betweeen two playoff hopefulls. Although Rob Stone seemed to be in goof spirits he could not have been happy with the weeks events as it now seems very likely that Reo-coker will be joining W.B.A for a measly 260k, especially galling since a 1m bid from Aston Villa was rejected at the beginning of the season.

The Game began with Ipswich dominance and before long Stone's charges were behind. This lead continued up to half time in a pretty uneventfull display of football. In the second half, however, with a new formation, loan signing Courtney Pitt on and roaming the left wing, and Scott McDonald brought on up front Wimbledon looked much more of a threat on paper.

The second half began in much better form for the Donsd and they were soon in complete control. Chance after chance came their way as Courtney Pitt impressed and a goal was surely soon to come. And soon enough, about 15 minutes after the re-start, sub Mcdonald got his first goal for the club since his move from southampton. With Reo-coker and Boufassa in full stride in the centre of the park and Pitt and McAnuff on the wings Wimbledon looked formidable and continued to attack the home sides goal. Unfortunatley for Stone none of the further chances created could be converted and Pitts 80th minutes open goal miss was a large downer on a thoroughly impressive debut. Stone will be dissapointed that his side couldn't get the win his teams second half play deserved, but he was delighted he avoided an opening day win and stated

"a point away to Ipswich is not a bad way to start the season. I thought Reo-Coker was excellent today, he's a real star. We've offered him a new deal, as big a deal as we can really, which would be his second pay rise in three weeks and we hope that this will persuade hime to stay at the club. We have problems, but I honestly believe he will stay for this season unless a premiership side comes calling. The Rodney Marsh incedent is gone, its done and dusted and hopefully now he will stay because he is the future of the club."

Next week: What will Reo-coker do????

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Donnachie comes home

Anthony Donnachie arrived back in Glasgow today after a prolonged trip to Dublin.He looked exhausted as he stepped off the plane but was immediately met by the press,who were eager to interview the new Celtic manager.he stated he would have an official press conference tommorow.

Next day

Press-Anthony,you are the new Celtic manager,what do you expect of your squad this year.

Donnachie-I expect to pick up where Martin O'Neill left off and bring the trophies back to Parkhead.

Press-Were you shocked to be appointed as new Celtic manager last week?

Donnachie-of course!! Martin was a great manager for us but he has another offer lined up elsewhere and I got offered the job.

Press-Who do you identify as the key players in the squad?

Donnachie-Henrik is obviously our main man but I am looking towards Stillian and Bobo to have great seasons,as well as Alan Thompson.

Press-You mentioned Henrik there,do you have plans to sign him onto another contract?

Donnachie-I will to my best,but Henrik is adamant that he will go.I wont stand in his way if he simply says "No"

Press-How do you rate the rest of the SPL this year?

Donnachie-I believe Rangers will be strong but losing Barry Ferguson and Lorenzo Amoruso wont help their cause.The rest of the SPL have good youth setups and I wish them all the best.

Press-Any signings so far?

Donnachie-No,but I'll let you know IF there is

Press-How do you rate your CL chances this year?

Donnachie-I think we have a good chance.We have to get through two qualifiers first and I'll be taking no chances after the Basle fiasco last year.

Press-Thank you,Anthony

Donnachie-Thank you

We will be speaking to The New Celtic manager again soon.

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