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Tactical Inclinations

How do you use your tactic(s) throughout a season ?  

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  1. 1. How do you use your tactic(s) throughout a season ?

    • Rhino: Create one and use it no matter what or which team I run.
    • Homo Sapiens: I tend to create a tactic specialised for the team I pick and I insist on it.
    • Owl: I got two different tactics designed for home and away matches.
    • Fox: I may change the formation during the match according to the result and incidents.
    • Chameleon: I tend to change formations from match to match.
    • Sloth: What tactic ? I am Barça and I got Messi and stuff, who cares ?

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Following my first attempt ended up as a failure, retrying it.

I was wondering what the community is inclined towards when it comes to forming up/sustaining/modifying tactics as they play.

I am a rhino from CM2 days. I deem having a constant tactic and shaping whichever team you pick accordingly is, despite seeming costly at first sight, cost-effective way of running a club to success. 'Cause you exactly who you need for your team and you definitely have an idea whom to spend on for the most efficient outcome, hence avoiding disastrous players, minimizing financial and reputational loss.

Yet I may end up as an owl. Seriously thinking about it.

So, which one is you ?

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I'm a foxy homo sapiens!

I tend to create a tactic for my team at the start of each season, which is often just a few tweaks from the previous year if I'm still managing the same team. I always do minor tweaks match-to-match though and now I often change things in the match by using touchline shouts.

Recently though, I've been going beyond this and changing between two basic formations on a match by match basis and then doing the necessary tweaks depending on the opposition and the team I want to pick. The one I choose has nothing to do with whether I'm home or away though.

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Chameleon but not quite to the description you suggest. I won't change the formation for every match but I will definitely adjust it before every match and make the odd positional change now and the depending on my opponent and their expected formation. It's the most successful way for me.

Home and away doesn't come into it. I just look to successfully counter the formation of my opponent and dominate the game.

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When I enjoy a game I alter my tactics game-to-game. It depends on the game though, as with a larger club it's easier to go "Rhino" and set out the team similarly, whereas with Sunderland/Blackburns of this world, you could be playing at Stamford Bridge then home to Hull, and your tactics require changing unless you have a world beater tactic.

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