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Created a new club but can't get graphics uploaded!!!


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Hi Guys,

I created a new club and their own graphics that should fit, i've copied the sizes from other peoples work so it should match.

Only the large emblem is showing up and nothing else, i made the kit, icon, background images left and right but they're not coming up.

this is what i have in the config file.

The reason for the two lots is because it has one code for the club on editor and a different code for it in the game.

I've tried one at a time but i've had no luck still.

Any ideas?

They are all .png

The config is a .xml

I have followed the rules but it's not working :(

Any help would be much appreciated.


<!-- resource manager options -->

<!-- dont preload anything in this folder -->

<boolean id="preload" value="false"/>

<!-- turn off auto mapping -->

<boolean id="amap" value="false"/>

<!-- logo mappings -->

<!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions

in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any

place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics

files from the correct places


<list id="maps">

<record from="2062002128" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/logo"/>

<record from="2062002128_large" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/logo/huge"/>

<record from="2062002128_icon" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/icon"/>

<record from="2062002128_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002128/kits/away"/>

<record from="2062002128_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002128/kits/home"/>

<record from="2062002128_bl" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/logo/background/left"/>

<record from="2062002128_br" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/logo/background/right"/>

<record from="2062002128" to="graphics/pictures/club/98006029/logo"/>

<record from="2062002128_large" to="graphics/pictures/club/98006029/logo/huge"/>

<record from="2062002128_icon" to="graphics/pictures/club/98006029/icon"/>

<record from="2062002128_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/98006029/kits/away"/>

<record from="2062002128_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/98006029/kits/home"/>

<record from="2062002128_bl" to="graphics/pictures/club/98006029/logo/background/left"/>

<record from="2062002128_br" to="graphics/pictures/club/98006029/logo/background/right"/>



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First try turning off the skin cache and reloading your skin in case it's a cache problem, if that doesn't work check to make sure the file names are correct.

For the graphics that don't show what appears in there place - nothing or the default images?

If the default images appear then it is a problem with the config file or you have another config file elswhere with the same entries in.

If nothing shows up then the problem is with the graphics you are created and you'll need to recreate them correctly.

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