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NEW Wingplay tactic

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Whilst my mac is getting fixed I decided to install FM10 into my partners computer and hog it. So I created a new wingplay tactic from scratch.

I'm going to test it against my other wingplay tactics when I get my mac back so will see how effective it is.

Have a test and see what you think. Any improvement are welcome.


This is a typical wingplay style. The DM will cover your midfielder and defenders when on the defence. He also picks up loose balls if your CM gives the ball away or one of his passes gets intercepted. Your DM will also try through balls for your strikers as will your CM. The CM is the main provider. Wingers will create space and chances. Your FBs will bombard forward and provide extra width and crosses. You will see your wingers cutting inside - this works well and cuases mayhem in the opposition defence. It works really well on the break. Scored a tone of goals this way. Good for set-pieces. Just need to work on open play a little to make it tighter and better thats all.

I've noted down below what will be the likely areas to be tweaked. I sometimes found the DM holding hands with the CM when on the defence to close down the opposition for example. Lets see if you get the same problem.

The easiest way to do the tweaks is to break it into sections:

Passing / possession: look at the match stats and see what your passing completion is like. If its 70%+ thats good. But you want to aim for 75%+ with a good team regardless of the opposition. Go to the analysis screen and look at each player to see who is miss placing passes. If the DM is giving the ball away too often then the DM needs to either, have higher direct passing, mixed or high-short. You then try each one, a game at a time, to see what works best. Bearing in mind you still need to create plenty of chances. If the CBs are just punting the ball into no mans land and not finding the strikers on counter attacks then perhaps high-short passing or mixed is best so they can lay it off to the midfielders to do the damage. So far I have it that your team will get around 70% of completed passes. See if you can tweak it to get it better.

Creating chances: Are all the supporting and attacking players creating plenty chances for your team? if so then all is working well. If the CM, WGs, FBs and CFd are not creating enough chances for you then you need to look at their passing, forward runs and mentality settings.

Defending: is the DM doing well to close down players? is he leaving gaps? is the CM and DM playing too close to one another when defending? if you see both running around like headless chickens and holding hands when on the defence then the DM perhaps needs his closing down mentality lowered.



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What the formations mate? Any screenshots? :)


Aint got a clue how to get a screenshot on a PC mate. I use mac. Formation is as follows:







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