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Squad Numbers on 10.3 with Bladesman Level 11 Build 097

Crab Lungs

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Hi all

Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find a solution.

I'm playing with 10.3 patch and I've also got the Bladesman Level 11 build which is, I have to say, awesome!

However, I cannot seem to get the squad numbers working for the English leagues. From the Premier League down to the Blue Square Prem, there is no possibility of choosing squad numbers for the leagues - they just revert to a standardised 1-11.

I know other people must have had the same problem so would really, really appreciate a fix or advice to get this working... really, really want to play FM this afternoon!

Thanks in advance!

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go on competitions in the editor, search for the Premier League and check the 'use squad numbers' box is ticked

Ah, thanks MG, though I should have mentioned .... I've checked them already! Is it possible that it's conflicting with other data files that I have running alongside it?

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Hi again everyone

Yeah, I've other edited files running alongside it... this may be the problem. Um, I'm thinking that I might have to eliminate the problem by going through one of the eighty odd I've got in there, lol... Ah well, gives me something to do in my spare time. I'll get there.

Just want to say thanks to everyone, I'm sure I'll crack it :)

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