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Can you use different editors on your game?


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two downloaded editor files (or ones you created yourself) will work together so long as any database changes don't clash, so your example of the lower league file and the world league file is not viable because the world league file moves teams out of the Premiership and Championship which would be in those divisions in the other file, see? However if you had the lower league file and, for example the dutch league download and the Japanese league download then you'd be fine so long as neither file has database modifications other than the nation rules.

As Jodi says there will be no problem if you have two seperate saves, 1 using the world league file and the other using the lower league file.

there is a way to run them in the same game but it may need some serious editing

I think i can work out a way to do it but make sure you keep back-ups of the original files otherwise you'll have download them again if this goes wrong.

if you want these to work together then go into bladesman's file and remove the premiership, championship and league one from the nation rules so that League 2 is the highest league, then check kenco's world league file for any former league two or lower league teams which may be in his world league structure (i.e. AFC Wimbledon are, for sure).

Once you know which league 2 or below teams are in kenco's db you have a choice you can a) remove them from his world league and replace them with other teams i.e. someone from league 1, which will stop the two files clashing or b) you can go back to bladesman's file and replace these teams with any team not part of kenco's league structure. my recommendation would be to remove AFC wimbledon - and all other teams from league two or below which are part of Kenco's league structure - from bladesman's league stucture and create B teams for them which can take their place in the league system. then the files should run together without too many problems but i'm no expert and you may run across some issues. One problem you may have is that league 2 teams start qualifying for the champions league/europa league.

oh, sorry also when you remove the prem championship and league 1 you might also have to remove these leagues from any cup settings, e.g. the FA Cup and league cup contain prem and championship teams so they might need to be removed or edited, same goes for JP Trophy as that contains league 1 teams, some of which won't be in league 1 because of kenco's update

hope that helps, sorry if it's unclear, i tried to be concise :)

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