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Blowing your own trumpet

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Just a quick bragging thread, because the wife doesn't understand why I am looking so smug.


This has been my best ever season, only 2 draws in all games, one being in the League cup against lowly Norwich.

Only 12 goals from corners before any one asks.

What has been your best season?

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No Genie or FMRTE on this save, although I have used them in the past on sign ups and to alter rivals in a long term game.

My training is a toned down version of Tugs training. I always knock the physical training down a notch.

Tactics are my own evolution of a tactic I downloaded, but as the downloaded one used the ME exploit of attacking through the middle I changed it to suit my team and a wider attacking option.

(I also just won the next match 5-2 away at Sunderland, no thanks to my Keeper who got lobbed from about 25 yards out after an awful clearance to give them an early equaliser.

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again without misunderstanding but where did you find the money for high class players like Hulk, otamendi etc?

most probably a take over.

congrats on your fantastic season! lets hope you can do it again!

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Hulk is my most expensive purchase at 20 Million, brought 3 years ago for most of my budget. He is also my most expensive wage at £95k per week, 30k more than Ochoa.

Otamendi and Ochoa cost 5.25 Million and 5 Million respectively in Season 1, which was funded by the selling of some of the other players to top up my initial transfer fee.

I have an eye for a bargain, so Ruben De La Red was a free transfer at the end of the season.

I also like to wheel and deal, I got Vela for 4 million after he was listed by Arsenal and sold him a season later for 13.5 Million with a sell on clause. I do deals like this where I can.

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Dave Byrd - Seven loses and you still won the title? Impressive! *Edit, you're not Liverpool, sorry, a habit! :D


Never won the Champions League on FM10. Happy days!

Beat Madrid on their own patch as well as former Inter Manager Mourinho.

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