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FMS Challenge Time - Ideas


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Get thy thinking hats on, folks, it's time we had some new official forum challenges. Use this thread to post ideas for challenges, ask for suggestions to improve your ideas and so on. In a week or so we'll have a vote to decide on the next two challenges that will be granted *official* status and be in the running for the Best Challenge award.

If a kindly passing mod could stickify this thread, and unsticky the threads for the two crowns and the minnows challenges, I'd very much appreciate it.

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I posted this last time round, but I think people had alreadys ettled for TC and Minnows.

The Giovanni Trappatoni Challenge

Giovanni Trappatoni is considered one of the most successful Managers in Serie A history; his trophy cabinet includes seven Italian titles, one German title, one Austrian title, one Portuguese title, one European cup and three Uefa Cups. Can you emulate his success?

Stage One

You start out with one of the big three, preferably Juventus and your task is to win one domestic double and one domestic/continental double, a treble would suffice.

Stage Two

Stun the footballing world by jumping ship to one of your biggest rivals (Milan or Inter) and guide them to the Serie A title and European success, not necessarily in the same season.

Stage Three

Off to Germany you go to manage a title challenger, one that hasn’t won the league within the last three years, and win one league title and one domestic cup.

Stage Four

Back to your homeland and it’s time to test yourself with a team outside the big three. Guide a team who hasn’t yet experienced the Champions League to the Champions League Group Stages or better.

Stage Five

You’ve cut your managerial teeth and it’s time to prove that you can do it on the International stage. Trap failed miserably and all you have to do to better his achievements is qualify for the Quarter Finals of either the World Cup or European Championships with a nation of your choice.

Stage Six

One of the big three in Portugal has struggled of late and hasn’t won the Liga Sagres in a long while, time for that to change and time for you to make a difference. End the hate for their poor old fans and guide them to domestic glory at the expense of their bitter rivals.

Stage Seven

It’s the twilight of your career time to relax in beautiful Austria and enjoy a laid back league and laid back lifestyle. It’s not all play though, you have to work hard to guide a team that was almost relegated recently to the league title.

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Now that's a challenge that I could get on board with, El. Like you I enjoy challenges that see you jumping between countries, so that gets a big :thup: from me.

I'll have a think over the next few days and see if I can come up with something.

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The Rafa Benitez Challenge

1. Rafa was appointed manager of Tenerife in the Spanish second division and immediately promoted them. You have two seasons to take any Secunda club to La Liga

2. Rafa then took over Valencia, and in four seasons had won the league twice and a continental cup competition. You must take a La Liga team other then Real Madrid or Barcelona, and lead them to a least a title victory and a continental cup. A national cup is a bonus.

3. After these goals have been achieved, you must take apply for any top half Premier league club job as soon as it becomes available. In the next five years, you must then win the FA Cup, a continental cup, and at least a 2nd placed finish in the league. At some point during your tenure, you most acquire a hard working, but slightly untalented right winger, who must play in a least 75% of the games that season.

4. You must then move out of England, and may move to any team in either Spain, Italy or any other country. You must then bring your right winger with you, make him captain, and have him help lead you to any league and cup double.

5. You may then retire, victorious.

If at any point you fail to match the time limits, you must start the stage again.

If your right winger retires, you must find another one.

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Henrik Larsson Challenge

Start with Hogaberg and make your way on your managerial journey through the clubs on the list IN ORDER.

To move on to the next step you must complete the current step. To Complete a step you must have won all the trophies the required number of times shown in the rules. You must also have a current win percentage at least equal to Larsson’s scoring rate for that section of his playing career.

E.g. For Celtic Larsson Scored 174 goals in 221 games (79% scoring rate) so before you can move from Celtic to Barcelona you must have a win percentage of 79% or more!

If you are sacked you don’t have to start again, but you must retire your current manager, you may then add a new manager but you MUST go back and complete the previous step again.

E.g. If you are sacked as Barcelona manager, you may add a new manager but must go back and complete the Celtic step again.

You MUST manage Helsinborg on TWO occasions and win the relevant number of trophies and have the relevant win percentage on both occasions.

Larsson only played for Manchester United for a few weeks, (and wasn’t with them when they completed the League Championship) however you are expected to manage them for at least 1 full season and win the league. (It doesn’t matter how many seasons this takes).

Management of Sweden may only be considered once the Manchester United step has been completed. Whilst you manage Sweden you may, if you wish, remain as Manchester United manager. If you prefer you can resign from Manchester United and solely manage Sweden, or you can go back and manage any of the other clubs from the challenge (assuming the job is available and they want to hire you). You MAY NOT manage any club other than those listed in the Challenge!

You may declare interest the relevant jobs in order to (hopefully) make the task of getting the next job easier.

Setup -

All Swedish Leagues

All Dutch Leagues

All Scottish Divisions

All Spanish Divisions

English Divisions to L2

Use Real Players : Yes

Allow Transfers Funds in 1st Window : Yes

Attribute Masking On : Yes

Key Staff : Yes

Hogaberg - Swedish 2nd Division WG

Win Percentage Required 31%

Trophies Required – None

Helsinborg – Swedish Premier Division

WPR 89%

Trophies Required – None

Feyenoord – Dutch Eredivisie

WPR 26%

Trophies Required – 2x KNVB Cup

Celtic – SPL

WPR 79%

Trophies Reqiuired – 4 SPL Titles, 2 Scottish Cups and 2 League Cups

Barcelona – Liga BBVA

WPR 32.5%

Trophies Required – 2 La Liga Titles, 1 Spanish Super Cup, 1 Champions League

Helsinborg – Swedish Premier Division

WPR 49%

Trophies Required – 1 Swedish Cup

Manchester United – English Premier League

WPR 14%

Trophies Required – 1EPL


WPR 36%

European Championships - QF or better

World Cup - 3rd Place or better.

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Longevity Challenge

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are two of the longest serving managers in English football. In the increasingly fickle world that is modern football, these stalwarts are a testament to the fast-fading trait that is managerial stability.

Your challenge is to build your way from the bottom to the top like them, and then cement your place in folklore by proving your ability to provide consistent success, and thus longevity.

Alex Ferguson Challenge

Stage 1

Ferguson's first managerial role was at East Stirlingshire, a job in which he lasted less than a year, but provided a starting point for his future success.

Challenge: Start your career at a Scottish Third Division club. Stay for at least a season.

Stage 2

Ferguson was then poached by St Mirren, who were struggling in the Second Division at the time. Fergie then led them to promotion back to the top flight, but was sacked (unfairly he claims) due to contractual disputes.

Challenge: Move on to a struggling team in the Scottish second flight (struggling defined as a bottom half finish the previous season). Lead them to promotion.

Stage 3

Ferguson then moved on to Aberdeen, and instantly broke the Old Firm's stranglehold of Scottish football, at least temporarily. During his reign, the Dons managed three league titles, four Scottish cups, one Scottish League Cup, one European Cup Winners' Cup, and one UEFA Super Cup, in what was arguably Aberdeen's golden age.

Challenge: Move on to an non-Old Firm Scottish club, and win at least three league titles, three Scottish cups (some leeway), and one European trophy. Any other additonal trophies are a bonus.

Stage 4

Following his phenomenal success, Ferguson was appointed by Manchester United in order to revive the ailing club. The rest, as they say, is history. 11 league titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 8 Community Shields, 2 Champions League, 1 Cup Winners' Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup, cements Fergie's position as Manchester United's most successful manager in history

Challenge: Move to an English club that has not had success for a while (no league titles for at least two decades), and achieve world domination, building your team for at least two decades and beyond.

Additional (optional)

Ferguson was briefly Scotland manager during his stint at Aberdeen, taking over after Jock Stein sadly passed away. Fergie took Scotland to the 1986 World Cup, before returning to club management

Challenge: At any point during your career, take charge of the Scottish national team, and lead them to at least one World Cup.

Arsene Wenger Challenge

Stage 1

Arsene Wenger's first managerial job was at Nancy, where unfortunately they got relegated at the end of his three year tenure.

Challenge: Take a middling French top flight club, one that has never won the title, and stay for at least three seasons to build up your reputation. Better Wenger's achievements by not getting relegated.

Stage 2

Wenger then moved to Monaco, where his career started to take off. He won Ligue 1 in his first season, and followed up with the Coupe de France three years later. Three more second places in the league as well as a run to the final in the Cup Winners' Cup in his fourth season marked his progression as an up-and-coming coach.

Challenge: Move on to a big-ish French club, and win at least one league title and one Coupe de France. At least one good European run will be a bonus. (Big-ish French clubs are Monaco, Marseille, PSG, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lens, Lyon, Auxerre or St Etienne)

Stage 3

Following his success in France, Wenger took the unorthodox route of going to the Far East, taking charge of Nagoya Grampus Eight in Japan. He immediately transformed Nagoya from relegation strugglers into title challengers, bringing them to within a whisker of the league and winning the Emperor's Cup (the national cup competition). This further enhanced his reputation on the world stage.

Challenge: Move to the Far East like Wenger, taking charge of a struggling Asian club, and bring them to success. Win at least one trophy, but more importantly make yourself known to the world by enhancing your reputation. This usually involves either one league win, or a good run in continental competitions, thereby going one ahead of Wenger.

(Struggling is defined as a bottom half finish the previous season. Asian leagues eligible are South Korea [recommended], Australia, China, Singapore. These are the leagues with Asian Champions League places)

Stage 4

Wenger's endeavours finally received recognition, as he was approached to replace Bruce Rioch at Arsenal. He instantly made himself at home, winning the double in the first season and continuing to build on that success. Two more league titles and three more FA Cups followed, but more importantly he brought about consistent success, with eight consecutive seasons of never finishing outside the top 2 of the league. European success continue to elude him however, with a UEFA Cup final and a Champions League final the closest he got.

His legacy however, is his youth policy, as well as his desire for fluid, attacking football. His transfer policy has been one of prudence, and that has made Arsenal one of the best run clubs financially in the country.

Challenge: Get a job at a mid-ish size giant in English football, one that has experienced some success in the past but are now mid-tablers. Make them great again by winning as many trophies as possible. At the same time cultivate an attacking football mentality at the club, as well as putting a strong emphasis on youth, and exercise financial prudence by not spending silly money unnecessarily on big name players.

As you can see, these are long term challenges, with the final challenges supposed to be one that last for quite a few years. I suppose any kind of story would reach into pages and pages, but it's worth a go anyway I reckon.

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We've had an Alex Ferguson challenge before on the forum (admittedly a good few years back) and it's still available through the Challenge Archive at the top of the page. Yours is different, but I'm not sure significantly enough to merit inclusion as a challenge again. Here's the previous challenge, it was submitted by Charnley, so I'm guessing it must have been around 2001(ish) maybe a bit earlier.

Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

You are Alex Ferguson, an ex-Rangers footballer that has just come to the end of his career. You've been working in your bar in a seedy end of Glasgow when the call comes to manage East Stirling.

The stadium is in a dreadful condition and the club is all but forgotten but you take the job anyway.

While at the club you have to maintain a winning percentage of above 50%, but the idea is not to stay long. You are waiting for the St Mirren job to become available which you grasp with both hands like the mercenary bastard that you are. (If you don't have a 50% winning percentage, you can't join St Mirren)

While at St Mirren you must take them, regardless of where they are on your joining, into Europe. That is all, nothing fancy.

Once done, and once available you can move to Aberdeen and this is where it becomes a bit more challenging now that you have cut your teeth on the more provincial clubs in Scotland.

Aberdeen have to break the Old Firm dominance in Scotland, and to show this you must win 2 SPL trophies in a row. Further to this, at some point you need to win the Scottish Cup, and to make it even harder, a European trophy. The Cup Winners Cup doesn't exist any more but the UEFA Cup will do, or even the Champions Cup if you can.

As an option, while at Aberdeen you can take up the Scotland job. Ferguson did this for a while at the '86 World Cup but he was never fully committed to the job, hence the reason why you don't need to do it to maintain the challenge.

Finally, you move to Manchester United and have to win the treble - EPL, FA Cup and Champions Cup all in one season to complete the challenge.

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Yours definitely is looser, and it's not really a case of being acceptable or not, I just don't see the point of having to SAF challenges. I like the Wenger one though.

We could put it as "Longevity Challenge", since the last bit becomes a long term commitment challenge.

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The Mind Your Language Challenge

A light hearted challenge that moves quite quickly, gives you plenty of chance to experience different teams and has loads of scope for changes to stories. Follow my example and play an International Journeyman save, collecting languages as you go, the more and the greater the variety the better. One tournament per team, you can start with whoever you like and keep it going for as long as you like..

By the end of my "It's Not Terry's" save my manager could speak English, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish and Scottish (I had also managed two extra English speaking nations). Can anyone beat that?

Two points to note, gillsminnows' retain players file is a big help and increases the number of manageable nations to roughly 100 and I think that you should be allowed to edit your manager's attributes and rep in order to increase the chances of switching jobs so regularly.

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OK, this is one that I submitted a few years ago but it didn't get anywhere but I still quite like the concept so I'm going to have another attempt.

The Tinkerman Challenge

You are a football manager, and a good one at that, but you have one small problem - you just can't help tinkering with your team. Perhaps this habit is caused by insecurity, a lack of self confidence or even some form of mental illness. Whatever the reason, you are literally incapable of selecting the same starting eleven for two consecutive games, let alone allowing them all to play for a full 90 minutes. Quite how much of a handicap this will be to your career remains to be seen.

The challenge is quite simple - take over any club in any league in any country and lead them to top-flight success, but playing within the following restrictions.

1. You must have a minimum of 25 players in your first team squad. If you take over a small club with less than 25 warm bodies on the books then you must sign sufficient players to take you to the magic number as quickly as possible, even if this means taking on some highly-dubious free agents.

2. For each game you must make a minimum of three changes from the starting eleven that you used in your previous game - one defender, one midfielder and one attacker.

3. During each match you must use all of your permitted substitutes, one of whom must be introduced during the half time interval.

4. By the end of the season every one of your first team squad must have made at least eight starting appearances - this does not include coming on as a substitute.

5. All of your existing players, and any new arrivals, must be allocated a squad status of "rotation".

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Managing Rangers is a challenge in itself. £0 for transfers and a poor squad/no chance of attracting anyone that's any good, seeing how we all get on with the same team might be interesting.

I think I'll sit this one out!

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Right, we've got some good challenges presented, I'll leave the suggestions open until the end of Sunday, then we'll have a couple of days for the vote. So if you've got an idea running round your head then you've got until Sunday to get it out there.

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This is probably rubbish, but I like my historical challenges

The Last of the Vikings

Harald III of Norway, better known as Harald Hardrada, is generally recognized as the last king of the Vikings. With his death at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, the Viking age came to an end. Incidentally by his invasion of England, he probably cleared the way for the Normans to displace Harold Godwinson as King of England. Harald was a well travelled man, having served in the Kingdom of Kievan Rus (now Ukraine) and Byzantium. Your goal is to retrace his steps and claim the ultimate price where Harald failed, be crowned King of England.

Stage I

Start of with a manager of Norwegian nationality and grab yourself the job at Viking Stavanger. Win the Norwegian league and be crowned King of Norway.

Stage II

Travel east to either the Ukraine or Russia and defend the kingdom of Kievan Rus. Win the national league and make sure you advance further into Europe than your rivals (Further than any Ukrainian team if Russian and vice versa).

Stage III

Travel south to Byzantium (what is now Istanbul). Take charge of any team based in Istanbul (Galatasary, Fenerbache, Besiktas etc) and win the Champions League as well as a league title and the cup (not necessarily in the same y1ear).

Stage IV

Return to Scandinavia (Norway/Sweden/Finland/Denmark) and consolidate. A league title or a cup will suffice. You may also take charge of one of the national teams and qualify past the group stages of a major tournament

Stage V

The battle for Stamford Bridge. Win an English league and cup double. Win any game you play at Stamford Bridge.

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I wasn't going to post this, as it is quite a long one, but as WLKRAS posted one alike, I thought why not.

In The Name Of The Emperor!

Part I - Make A Name For Yourself;

Take charge of Roma, and secure the Senate’s support with a title win in your first two seasons. Between season one and two, you must beat a Greek side in a friendly to show your force to the Etruscans.

Part II - Iberia Is Calling;

Your are then sent to take charge of a Spanish coastal club (Murcia, Malaga, Almeria) and finish in the top four within three seasons. During the summer of season one and two, you must also play a friendly against ES Tunis of Tunisia, and beat them to eliminate Carthage from the face of the map.

Part III - Iberia Needs Finishing;

You must now try and take the whole of Spain, and to do so you can take charge of any Spanish club. You can freely add yourself as manager elsewhere, or continue your hard work already set up with on the previous three clubs. You have up to five seasons to do this part of the task, but the title is needed just once in those five seasons. Get it in your first and you are free to move on.

Part IV - Damn That Vercingetorix!;

You must now turn your attention to Gaul (France, Belgium Switzerland) and secure control there. Win one of the leagues with any club, and secure a top four finish in another within a total of five seasons.

Part V - I've Lost Rome!;

Sulla has taken control of Rome, and subsequently killed The Republic. As such, you will now need to return home and take charge of S.S Lazio. You must then dethrone Sulla with two consecutive higher league finishes than Roma. There is no time limit on this one. During this period, you must assimilate Jerusalem with a friendly victory over Beitar Jerusalem.

Part VI - Back In Rome;

With Sulla beaten, you are to return as leader of Roma, but you now have trouble in the form of Marc Anthony. He is trying to steal your rule on Rome, and you must stop him. Finish higher than Lazio as quickly as possible. You must then beat an Egyptian team in a friendly during the summer after the season you succeed; losing it means Anthony regains power and you have to do it all again.

Part VII - I Refuse To Join You, Marc;

Anthony fled to Egypt and committed suicide, leaving you in charge of the Roman Empire as sole dictator. You are gaining more power everyday, but you must consolidate power in Italy with a title win at Roma. Three seasons to do so.

Part VIII - Rule Britannia!;

Britain remains elusive and Celtic, so it needs to be controlled. Take over a British club and secure the Premiership title in three seasons with any club. Once this has been completed, your next task is to keep the Scots at bay. As you will have won the title in the previous season, you must perform better than all Scottish teams in European competition.

Part IX - Italia To Rule The World!

So you now control Gaul, Italy, Spain and Britain. Power is firmly in your grasp, with no-one to stop you. But there is one final challenge. Little nations are pocketing around the world and they need to be put down. To do so, take Italy to World Cup victory.

Leagues Required; all leagues from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, England,

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The Roy Hodgson Challenge

Since we're talking so much about him on these boards, why not challenge him? This challenge is loosely based on the great man's career. It's a bit longish, but then Roy has been around for awhile!

1) The Swedish Chef

Begin your game in Sweden. Win the Swedish league championship at least twice with the same club.

2) Not the 'Vicious Chicken of Bristol'

Move to England to any club outside the Premier League. Exceed Hodgson's accomplishments in his first foray in English management by earning promotion from any level.

3) How Swede It Is

Return to Sweden, to a different club from your first tenure there. With your new club, win two League Championship /Swedish Cup doubles. In any season in Sweden, reach the knockout stages of the Champions League (this is actually less than Hodgson did in Sweden: in his second stint there he won five league titles and knocked Inter out of the CL).

4) Like a Swiss Watch

Move to Switzerland. Win at least two matches in any European competition. You may move to a team that qualified for Europe prior to your arrival. Become Swiss national team manager (at any point in your challenge) and reach the World Cup.

5) Be Serie-ous

Take over any team in Italy. You do not need to win the Scudetto, but you do need to reach the last four of any European competition (Hodgson reached the UEFA Cup final with Inter).

6) Scandihoovian

Become national team manager for any of the Scandinavian nations. Qualify for either the European Championships or the World Cup.

7) Premier Performer

For your final bow, take over a Premiership team. Reach a European final OR qualify for the Champions League. Exceed Hodgson's accomplishments by winning the Premiership to complete your challenge.

Leagues: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, all English leagues above BSN/BSS, Switzerland, Italy.

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Right, I think we've got enough challenges submitted to be getting on with the vote. I'll post the voting thread in a minute (even the silly ones like Gav's are going in). If a kindly passing mod could lock and unsticky this, I'd appreciate it.

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