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Suggestion: Creating new international competitions

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I've got an idea for the editor, with the whole creating/activating leagues and competitions.

I know some people have managed to put together some sort of new competitions involving international teams, but they've had to set them up as competitions based in a particular country. Unfortunately, this is not without it's issues. The main problem I've noticed is with the disciplinary rules.

Say, for example, you create a new tournament for international teams using Zanzibar as the country the competition's based in, and you take control of Argentina who will participate in said tournament. Javier Mascherano then picks up a suspension, and here's where the problem lies. Suspensions only apply to Zanzibari competitions, but since neither Argentina nor his club side are affiliated to the Zanzibari FA, it's impossible for him to serve his suspension. This effectively means that he can never play in this custom competition ever again without the aid of in-game editors like FMRTE.

Therefore, my suggestion is to be able to create proper international competitions (both worldwide and continent-specific) without having to set them up within a single nation somewhere.

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