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Staines Town Showdown (The world stage beckons)


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In a bizarre twist of fate, Staines town have been specially invited to join the FIFA World League system (Many thanks to Kenco for his hard work!), as a special request by their chairman Alan Boon, who recently became voted as a board member of the association. this means Staines Town have replaced Tottenham reserves in the 8Th tier English division for the coming season. Many speculate that this is purely a publicity stunt and what strings the chairman had to pull to achieve this. Taking over the managerial role will be Ashley Teagle (that's me), but other than that things remain the same at the club. Many believe that they will never leave the bottom tier but they will be sure to go out on the pitch and prove them wrong!

So, the story is following my adventure on the world stage with my local club, lets see how far i can go!

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Ah nice one AS, ill be sure to read yours too.

By the way, i'm now using V4 of the file, so Staines have been put into tier 10 England, again replacing Tottenham Reserves :)

Update: July - August 09'

Staines journey is now under way and with the league season not starting until November, the world fa cup and U23 cup will first take centre stage.

in the transfer market, Staines made only 2 new signings in the way of Free Transfers. joining the team are Issah Boateng, a 19yo Ghana striker and Belal Aiteouakrim a 24yo attacking midfielder.

Edgar Estrada, the veteran Guatemalan goalkeeper couldn't agree terms in time so that transfer didn't go through unfortunately.

Cup Draws

WFA Cup - 1st Round - Staines Town Vs. Deportivo De Quito

This is going to be a very difficult fixture to get past, DDQ are recent winners of the Ecuadorian league and have an all-round strong side. The winner of this tie will face Charlton or LA Firpo of El Salvador at home in the second round

U23 Cup - 1st Round - FC Nantes Vs. Staines Town

Again this is going to be another miracle of we get through this one. The winners of this tie will face Dordoy-Dinamo of Kyrgyzstan at home

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