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FM 08 Full Screen Mac Help

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I decided to go back to FM 08 on my PC earlier today, and was really enjoying one of my old saves so decided to install it on my Macbook Pro. Everything was going swimmingly, the Bluu skin was looking sexeh as ever on my higher res Macbook screen, but when I went to change to full screen mode things took a downward turn. As soon as I go into full screen mode, the window shrinks and ends up squashed, low resolution with black bars down the sides, and I just cannot work out how to fix it. Even when I untick full screen mode and the game is in Windowed mode I can't actually see the whole screen as the bottom of the game is hidden by the dock, and I'm unable to move it enough to be able to resize. Any ideas how to sort it, and get it working at full res on full screen mode?

Cheers lads.

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