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How to score lots of goals?

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I have a good striking force(Neymar, Balotelli, Rooney and Dzeko) but somehow they are not able to convert their chances in return for goals. How do i get them to score goals? What should i do?

I am using 4-1-3-2 formation. And the funny thing is i am

These are the stats and tactics used for the season:




It has been like this for the past 2 seasons.

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You've not gave us any idea how the players are set up. We need to know their settings to be able to help you. Plus are they seeing a lot of the ball and not putting it away? How many chances a game are they having? Are the players around them offering support or are the attackers isolated? Are you playing too fast? lots of things we need to know.

Take a look at some of the thread's in the Important Links thread at top of the forum. Check out the SI Sports Centre one as well as the attribute one at the top of the forum. Both these will help you fix your issues but it will require you to be observant in games and look at the stats.

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Just a thought - It looks like you've made severe changes to the lineup in a short period of time. Everytime I've done that my team played worse despite the better players brought in. I think to be safe the most you should think about changing is 2 players from the regular starting lineup from the previous year while integrating other new players as subs or throughout the season.

Of course this could be wrong but no professional team IRL would ever make such drastic changes and actually succeed. If the game is made to simulate how things work in the real world I would imagine it takes these changes into consideration.

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