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Player Interaction Enhancements

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I had this posted in the wishlist thread, but I'd like to give it a little more space to generate discussion (and hopefully inspiration!). The idea is an extension of the existing player interaction module for future versions.

I think it would be interesting to have pre-season interactions with players, where you can propose individual objectives for them to achieve. Higher Ambition players would be more motivated by difficult goals, and insulted by anything they see as too easy. Low Ambition players could find themselves demotivated by anything too difficult. Perhaps as a player is reaching his objective, his performances increase or decrease depending on Determination and Pressure attributes.

Example objectives:

-- Score X league goals

-- Keep Y clean sheets

-- Start Z league matches

-- Earn an international call-up

-- Make the World Footballer of the Year shortlist

There could also be training-related goals, such as pushing a young player to increase for example his physical ability, weaker foot, or a training attribute area i.e. Aerobic, or even just one particular attribute. Of course this would act to the detriment of other areas of training, pushing the player to be a specialist. We already have this option with PPMs, but to extend it to direct attribute training would be a step forwards in terms of player development.

Interactions where there is a good player/manager relationship would be more likely to succeed, and repeated achievements of proposed goals would lead to a stronger relationship being forged.

A feedback session would take place at the end of the season, with the manager able to congratulate players for reaching their goals, reassure them that even though they missed out, they came close, or to tell them that next season they will be given a harder/easier personal objective.

Another possibility for this system is giving players going out on loan an objective, with the promise that if it is reached, they will be given more first-team football on their return.

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