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Skin related question


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I was wondering if there's a way to create a skin that shows (or highlights) only the key attributes for each position in the player profile screen.

It's visually tiering to look at a player's profile and find the stats for let's say a defender's marking, tackling, jumping, positioning, strength as they are scattered all over the screen with no real logical cohesion. (apart from the mental, technical and physical).

I know I haven't seen one until now and I think it will be extremely useful to have such a skin. For example, replace the mental, technical and physical indexes with "defender", "midfielder" and "striker" and under that category put only those attributes that are relevant for each position. I posted these pictures to get a full idea.

Normal Screen


Possible Screen


Can somebody point out a link, or give effective advices on how to do this. I have to mention that I have never created a skin before or have any knowledge on how to do it whatsoever. If I can't do it myself than let this thread be a form of idea for future skins or something...

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