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The complete danish leagues...


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Hi I am new to this site...but my reason for going in here was to get some help on a project of mine...did not find the help tho...and in the end I solved it my self...

on to my project...

I am currently making an update to the database with the complete danish league system, we are talking level 1 (premier) to level 11 in Denmark.

Since I am from Denmark I am making it in danish...so no joy for others for now....But I would like to know if anyone outside Denmark would find it interesting if off course I translate it first...haha...

well bring on any coments...

we are talking a complicated project with 6 new levels of football and about 2800 new teams...

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In that case I will be translating it to English...that is...the competion names...so that everybody will understand what they mean...

Also I can tell you that I am currently testing my update, which has taken me about a week to make, it includes about 250 leagues in denmark, spred over 11 levels of competition, with levels 5-11 being regional, and at level 10 for instance is 76 groups og about 12 teams each...

so we are talking a huge update...with almost 50.000 changes...and I must say it runs a bit slow on my old computer, haha.

I should also mention that when I release it officially I will put a link in this thread to the site where it lies.

Future plans for updates is english leagues down to level 11 or 12 or so...and scottish leagues possibly all levels, although the scottish system doesn't allow promotion to or relegation from third division so you would never be able to do make a team go from bottom level to top level there. ;)

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You could afcourse just let them the same. Danish is written with Latin letters, so probably everyone on these forums can read the names, and also can guess what they mean. I would not change the name of the German Bundesliga 1, France Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie and Italian Serie A, all to Premier League or First Division. I like it more when the names are authentic. But that is my own opinion.

It is up to you to decide ofcourse. :)

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