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Trouble Selling a Keeper

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I'm playing as Valencia in 2021-22 at the moment. I've spent a good chunk of time with two keepers: Hugo Lloris is my starter, and Carlos Alvarez of Mexico is his backup (I'm not sure if he's a regen or not; it's not really relevant). My plan was for Lloris to start most games, with Alvarez getting spot duty behind him, and have Alvarez take over once Lloris was gone.

Unfortunately, Alvarez has had some spotty matches and I don't trust him as much, so he plays less. And so when I found a regen keeper from West Ham who's better than him AND already unsettled, I bought him at a bargain. This means that Lloris will finish this year out as a starter, with my new German regen taking over for him next season. There's not a spot for Alvarez.

So I went to unload him; he's worth about 10.5 million, and I'm a motivated seller; I offered him at 7.5. No takers. There were no takers at 5 million, 2.5 million, or 1 million, either.

This is odd for two reasons.

1) He's not BAD, he's just not quite good enough for my team. He's Mexico's starting keeper, though, and is definitely competent...especially for, say, West Ham, who no longer have a starting keeper. And even though he's Mexican, he's been with me long enough that he's got Spanish nationality; there shouldn't be any work permit issues.

2) He's not on prohibitively high wages (51k/week) with me, and I'd probably pay the difference if it came up; I mostly want him gone because a player whining about playing time all season is a pain, and I don't want any locker room issues. Realistically, I'm never going to play him; no point in keeping him.

So why won't anyone make an offer or express interest? I've tried loaning him to my feeder clubs, but he won't move; I've tried making him available for loan, but no takers. I've got him locked up through 2025, so I really want him out; what's the best way to make this happen?

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Have you set his status as "not needed" and transfer-listed?

Maybe set his value at £0 for a couple of days to drum up some interest - then work your way upto the £7.5m mark and see if the interest returns.

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