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[FM10]Story of Two managers Learning to together going seprate Ways in Managing world


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Hi All

This first time for me to let people know how doing in my Career so far.

I'm coming end of 2016/17

I have currently two managers in this Save that have taken two very different Career paths.

The first one Seb he current profile: seb.jpg

Also attached is info page http://img824.imageshack.us/i/sebinfo.jpg/

This screen shot to show emlpoyment so far:http://img401.imageshack.us/i/sebjobs.jpg/

Second manager is Sebbie: http://yfrog.com/ncsebbieinfojx

As you can see Seb as been the most successful out of the Two managers.

But with Sebbie has travelled and had more vary success.

Have really enjoyed this Career with both managers experncing highs and lows.

Seb highs has been winning the Champions league, League and World Cup.

With Sebbie the higs have been winning the Championship and then keep them in premiership and now Currently manager of Reggina after getting promoted and avioding relegation I have sitting 5th in table.

My aim also to have a mixer of experince and youth and to give youth a chance i have done this with both managers with vary of success but most players that played for first team have at least got career out of it.

If anyone like to ask a question or how certain players or teams have done or are doing please do not hesitate in asking.

Will update more at end of Season as nearly finished current season.

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RIght have finished the Season. Manager Sebbie had great year with Reggina and manged to finish 3rd in Serie A just missed out on Second.

http://yfrog.com/jdserieatablej Serie A final table.

Other manager Seb guided Arsenal to yet other league win and also League Cup and FA Cup, but losted to Barcelona in semi final of the Champions League.

http://img269.imageshack.us/g/fac League Table, FA Cup Final, League Cup final.

As you can see both teams and Managers had a good season. IF you like to know where you team finished let me know and i will post a screen shot.

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