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Can not continue game due to must respond message.

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I have a strange situation where I have added a lower league manager into my current Newcastle game.

He took over mighty Tamworth with a few games to go at the end of the season.

I decided to get Newcastle to be my Parent club, so as the manager of Newcastle I asked them to get a new feeder club and was allowed to select Tamworth.

Several weeks go by and I suddenly get this message:


Regardless of if I click yes or no I can not continue the game, so I cancelled my link with Dag & Red and still have the same problem.

Now I am going to try holidaying for a day to see if it clears on its own, but has anyone else got any ideas or is it a known fault.

EDIT: Going on holiday has allowed me to continue and luckily did not mess up any of my negotiations, but did cause both managers to have over 20 of the same link message.

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