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Classic Wingplay (new and improved) - 4-2-4

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I developed my own style - wingplay with an attack minded approach. So far they work great. Ive made up two tactics (I transferred them into TC) when playing against teams of different quality. 1 is standard attacking wing-play and the other tactic is for against world class opposition. They are suited for playing against all types of teams. They have been tested and they work great. Depending on the quality of opposition and their approach to the game I have included guidelines on when to use each tactic. But remember they are guidelines, not rules. My biggest win so far is Celtic 8 Vs 0 St Johnston.

Enjoy :)

TACTIC: http://rapidshare.com/files/409824543/Archive.zip


NB: Use Winrar to unzip the file. (Free download). http://www.rarlab.com/

To download the files: Copy and paste one link at a time into your internet browser. You will then be taken to Rapidshare (assuming you've picked that one) where you will see a page with the file you want to download. Click on 'free user' then you will be taken to a new page with a LARGE 'download' button appearing - click on that and bingo. Yousendit needs no instructions as its simple.


Please respect the fact that I produced these tactics from scratch. If you want to make alterations / changes to these tactics please feel free (but please do not make any claims that they are yours – credit must be given to the original creator), and if you want to copy anything into your own tactics please feel free but give some credit to the original creator. Please respect my efforts I put into these tactics - don’t copy them without at least giving me some credit.


Not every tactic will suit every team. Therefore it is a matter of taste, trial and error, and is the reason why you should treat this tactic with the same vein.

I have created what I believe is a realistic classic wing-play style. It’s a similar style to how Celtic play in modern times. An attack minded style that will create lots of chances. Due to patch 10.3 making it near impossible to score many headers from crosses or create lots of completed crosses some tweaks have been made to adapt to this. Wingers will still 'hug' the touchline but will put in fewer crosses. They will still create just as many scoring opportunities - you will see them moving into channels, putting the ball into the 6-yard box on the floor for tap-ins etc.

This tactic may or may not bring you immediate success, that all depends on the strength of your squad and whether or not your players will be able to adapt to this style of play. I cannot guarantee you results, but what I can guarantee is that your team will attack and create many chances – bringing along with it excitement and nail biting moments when you defend.

You will find 2 sets of tactics, which are fairly similar to one another and, can be changed during matches or against tougher / weaker opposition making the difference between success and defeat. For example, you can change from Classic Wing (4-2-4) 2.0 to Classic Wing (4-2-4) 1.0 giving you more stability in defence and midfield as well as creating a better balance throughout the team, therefore reducing the opposition’s chances.

I hope this brings you as much success as the rest of us have had with these tactics.

You will first find information on each of the 2 tactics below, followed by some hints and tips, which you should read to enable full success.

Good luck!

Classic Wing (4-2-4) 1.0:

Still an attacking style of play for both home and away games, but uses more caution and a basic flat midfield shape. Works very well against really tough teams home and away. Use this against world-class opposition. Ideal for tough European games producing surprising good result.

Use this -

- Home & Away against teams that are far better than you. (i.e Celtic V Barcelona)


Classic Wing (4-2-4) 2.0:

More attack minded than Classic Wing (4-2-4) 1.0. Your full-backs will make frequent forward runs to support the wingers with a higher degree of attacking mentality (but not too attack minded). The CM is the playmaker who produces all those ball-splitting moves and gets forward at every opportunity. Your wingers will be more attack-minded with a higher degree of creativity and attacking mentality. This tactic uses the offside trap to try and avoid your defence from being exploited with through balls. Sometimes this tactic can be dangerous to use away from home if you are playing against a team that is slightly better than you or of equal quality. There is also evidence to suggest teams who use wingers will also cause you serious problems.

Use this when playing against -

- Teams that are slightly better than you (i.e Celtic V Celta.V) At Home only

- Teams that are of equal to you (i.e. Celtic V Rangers)

- Teams that are slightly worse than you (Celtic V Hibs / Hearts)

- Teams that are worse than you (Celtic V ICT/Hamilton)


Overview of tactic:

- One striker is more attack minded than the other. This means the other striker will link up more with your midfield, and occasionally hassle the oppositions midfielders for the ball. You will find more space is created this way stretching the opposition defence – particularly when hitting them on the break.

- Your wingers will hug the touchline creating space therefore stretching the backline and bombard forward at every opportunity making it 4 in attack.

- Your wing-backs will support the wingers and over-lap on some occasions but will usually just lye behind the wingers and hug the touchline.

- Your CM will get forward at every opportunity. He is the one that pulls the strings in the team. He is the playmaker and distributes the ball to all your attacking teammates. He will also do his fair share of defending and trying to win the ball back.

- Your DM will sit-back and support your two central defenders. He will try to win the ball back whenever possible. He will on occasions go into a 3 man CB position to offer more of a defensive wall. He will also support your CM - as stated below you can use him as a deep-lying playmaker if you wish.

- One CB is more defensive than the other. The idea is that the more defensive CB (who must be fast) will sweep up all the through balls and the other CB will come out of his position to close down any threat lurking outside the area.


Tactical changes during games (suggestions):

These are only suggestions for tweaks, which may help your team to more success. First off, listen to your Assistant Manager for feedback. Also check the statistics to see where you are miss-placing passes – it may be your central-defenders or your DM. This will give you an idea of where you need to make tweaks. Pause the game whilst you are doing this.

- Ass. Manager / Stats (feedback): If passing is going astray listen to what your Assistant Manager is saying and make the tweaks accordingly to the whole team first of all. If that isn’t working after 20-mins, check out the statistics and see which players are misplacing passes.

- DM / CBs (short-passing): If you are making individual player tweaks have you’re central defenders and defensive midfielder set to short passing, as the aim is they keep it simple and try not to give the ball away.

- DM (deeper / advanced / playmaker): Because this tactic is set-up with a solid "defensive triangle" with the two centre-backs and the DM - who plays fairly deep. If you find there is too much space between your defence and midfield or your DM is not picking up loose balls, set him to play deeper (i.e. more defensive) or more advanced depending on what tactic you are using. If you find he is getting a lot of the ball you can try utilizing him as a playmaker to help create more chances for you.

- Wingers (crossing): For the strikers getting on the end of crosses, if the wide men aren't getting good crosses in, (assuming they have a decent crossing attribute in the first place), then it can often be down to them being closed down before they can get the crosses in, or their crosses are getting blocked, or your strikers aren't getting on the end of every ball. If they're good technical players, the alternative will be to drop their crossing to rarely and run with ball to often, so that they take players on more instead. You can also ask your wingers to 'move into channels' or 'cut-inside'.

First time passes and crosses are generally harder to close down by opponents, especially when you're playing more high tempo and direct passing so you can therefore also try asking your wingers to cross frequently (however I tend not to unless I have a tall striker to get on the end). The speed of the movement also gives the opponent less time to close players down.

- Wingbacks (crossing): If you want more balls into the box what I find works well is asking my wingbacks to cross 'frequently' and from 'deep'. They end up whiping the ball into the box early.

- Striker (deeper): If you are not creating enough chances through the middle of the park or not picking up the loose balls in the middle, have your striker (the one which is already set to less attacking) changed to less attack minded. He will drop back and link up with your wingers and CM, and create through balls for your other striker (who is more advanced).

- Strikers: If they’re passing poorly change them to direct passing.


Strong points:

These tactics will stretch teams, especially their defensive backline. You will create many clear-cut chances with these tactics. Your wingers and winbacks will stretch any team. You will restrict teams to mostly long shots. You will have more of the ball, except when plying against far better opposition. You will restrict teams to minimal clear-cut chances, however they will get a lot of long-range shots.

You will notice your wingers (depending on the type of player) will play just about as many balls on the floor into the 6-yard box as they will with crossing.

Your CM will see a lot of the ball and pull all the strings despite the tactic playing down both flanks.


You will be venerable to long balls, through balls and balls played over the top. If you have slow Centre-back’s who have poor off the ball stats and not good at anticipating things they will be stretched.

Your Full-backs will go forward whenever possible which leaves gaps on the wings and will be exploited. You will concede a lot of goals this way regardless of the oppositions strength – this seems to be more vulnerable against those playing with wingers. I got torn apart against FC Twenty on the wings with them using wingers despite winning 6-1. My Wingbacks struggled defensively which states a good point that your winbacks must be good defensively.

Your midfield can also get outnumbered at times putting strain on your defence – a way around this is to simply tell your central midfielder not to go forward so much.

Can be a nightmare against a team who has players capable of scoring goals from long-range.

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Good OP and nice to see someone playing with two wingers. :thup:

Very good evaluations of the associated strength and weakness of using such as system. This is the beauty of trying different tactics. They all have their own strength areas and weaker points. Understanding the "risk" versus the "reward" is the name of the game.

Would be interesting to get your thoughts on key and additional attributes you look for in each position. :)

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useless and pointless post

you might has well done a good wright up about paint drying .

this tactic is out dated and will not work in a million years on fm2010

Less of the attitude. Considering I beat Bayern Munich 2-1 and Tanked FC Twenty 6-1 yes it works.

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Good OP and nice to see someone playing with two wingers. :thup:

Very good evaluations of the associated strength and weakness of using such as system. This is the beauty of trying different tactics. They all have their own strength areas and weaker points. Understanding the "risk" versus the "reward" is the name of the game.

Would be interesting to get your thoughts on key and additional attributes you look for in each position. :)

I actually did that then deleted it thinking im sure people know by now what is required for each position.

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I actually did that then deleted it thinking im sure people know by now what is required for each position.

Not to worry, but all information is good information. :)

Oh... and don't worry about the trolls. Usually, if they can't win 23-0 in every game and your tactic doesn't feature a certain corner routine, then it's no good to them.

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Opposition Instructions = OI's

I just ask my assistant manager to do. I cant be bothered doing it myself. Unless I know for certain the opposition have a couple of lethal players ill ask my team to mark them tightly and tackle hard. If the opposition have one loan striker I always mark tight.

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Ive updated the tactics. made a few tweaks.

- GK now distributes to Left wingback (throwing).

-FCd now does mixed runs from deep

-FCa now does runs from deep frequently.

-Wingers now hug the toughline to create more space

More space is created now. I create more clear cut chances this way.

Might test out asking my wingers to cross 'rarely' seeing if that improves the tactic further.

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I'd suggest investing heavily on one good CB who is fast and one good CM playmaker. I find these the two most important positions in the team for this tactic. Even with poor wingers you will still create chances. The CM sees a lot of the ball and will be spreading the play so he needs to be good.

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Sounds very interesting, I always play with wingers, since I just love that kind of play, I'll test yours out!

Provide feedback please :)

Im testing it out with Dundee Utd. What ive noticed is you need really good defenders because the amount of goals ive conceded with these plonkers is unbelievable. All rookie mistakes. I still tank teams 4-0 and that. I can beat Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen who are equal or slightly better than me. Rangers and Celtic who still beat me struggle.

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