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Help with editing the money in the Editor!!


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I hope that after a month waiting for an answer, after posting this thread someone will answer me.


I have a problem editing the money that a club has.

I've read various things about it, things like reputation has influence in the max money a club can have, etc.

So, for some time I've been making tests with this money editing. I think the more reputation you have, the more money the club can have. but the numbers in the editor don't make any sense! The balance I put in the editor isn't by far the same that apears in the game, and the same goes to the money you want the club to give you for buying players.


In the editor I put:

reputation: 9900

Balance: 490000000 = 800 Million more or less (in the game)

Transfer budget: 450000000 = 500 Million more or less (in the game)

Salary budget: 0 (it will be automatically given by the club, you don't need to get troubled by this because you'll get a high salary budget)

The transfer and budget numbers aren't a problem, although the numbers aren´t the same in the game, you can still increase the transfer budget as far you wish.

Now, it's the balance numbers that I can´t understand!

As I said above, The numbers in the editor don't come the same in the game. But, unlike the transfer budget, if you increase those 490000000 (which is aproximate to 800Million in the game), lets say to 500000000, the game will give you a lot less than those 800 Million, like 250Million!

In the end you'll have 500 Million to spend and your balance will be 250 Million, which will be negative balance if you spend the 500 Million budget.

This doesn't make any sense as you can see.

I've discovered the numbers to get a good amount of money, but They still dont make any sense and I can't increase them because it will give me less money if I do.

Can anyone who knows how to deal with this explain me why this happens and give me a solution to this?

Thank you in advance! :)

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I think there also is a maximum amount of money a team can have in the editor. So if you exceed that maximum the game automaticly sets another amount for that team. Maybe that is happening when you go from 490 million to 500 million. The differences between 490 million editor-money and 800 million in-game-money could come from the currency you are using in the editor and in-game.

Hope this helps.

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