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The Rise of Bashley

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First of all, I have had no influence over this club! :) I've not managed in England for 20+ years.

They don't seem to have a "tycoon" or similar.

Looking through transfer history they have never bought or sold big.

Looks like a steady rise through the leagues - which I love to see.

Still very surprising though.




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How managers did they go through, or did they just stick with one? It would be amazing if they did just stick with a single manager. Who do they consider a legend :D

9 managers in 25 years. Not too bad.

Legend: Jamie Doris

Icon: Wade Elliott

Bit sparse! Lol

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Are you using Superbladesman's extra leagues ? if so which version the full or the light ?

Not sure really!! Was so long ago when I started this career. My initial division was the English Northern Premier League First Division where I started with Warrington.

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