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Player x worried by lack of harmony?

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This message keeps popping up with random players in my team, with no real reason or explanation? Tried everything to stop it. Released un happy players, signed players my players have reccomended. Ive tried resolving problems, but this keeps happening.

How do I stop it?

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Releasing a player just because he's unhappy won't help matters, as other players could just fear they're next in line...

Usually lack of harmony is due to:

* not enough first team football

* low team status while he feels he'd be a first team player or higher

* low wage if compared to teammates in his same position/status

* wanting to move to a better team/league

Also, if one player is unhappy for one of those reasons, some other players could just become unhappy because he's unhappy...

So you'll have to find the root of the problem... random firing is a bad idea.

P.S. signing more players will hardly make things better, because it'll add some more pressure on players who already feel underappreciated... If I'm unhappy for sitting on the bench most of the time, I won't appreciate seeing a new guy coming in, as I could as well find myself watching the games from the stands next time...

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I might be mixing this up but I seem to get this lack of harmony when I don't fine players that get red cards. So nowadays I always fine the player 1 weeks salary if he gets sent off, sometimes 2 weeks if it was a stupid sending off in an important game.


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