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What do the Arrows do ? Need Final Clarification !

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hey guys

i am developing my own tactic for the first time and i really want to know the function of the arrows.

some people say that farrows mean that the player will do forwards run more frequently (then why is there the forward run slider in the player instructions ?

some people say barrows mean that when possession is lost the affected player will run back

some say that the player will just regain original possession in case of a barrow.

would someone be kind enough and explain this ?

thanks a ton for this :)


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farrow = forward runs often

barrow = forward run rarely

no arrow = forward runs mixed

sarrow doesn't exist anymore.

Arrows are visible as visual representations of the above only in classic mode. In the TC mode they don't appear but it works the same way as in classic.

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Most of that should be covered by the general AI. Surely when losing a ball every player is supposed to chase it.

I think that not connected to forward runs. Forward runs mean how often a player leaves his position to join the attack mroe than his position suggests anyway. Thus a barrow doesn't mean at all that a player is running back a lot.

In the TC mode the key is in the duties. Players with defend or support duties will interpret their position more defensively and thus be positioned deeper and run back more often than players on an attack duty.

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There's no explicit way to make a player, say, be a DM when defending and an AM when attacking, but as jayahr says, things like dropping deeper when the opposition has the ball and moving forward when you have it is done automatically. The exact amounts the players will do this is dependant on many things.

As an example, if you want a player to act like a DM->AM, probably the best way would be a central midfielder with a low mentaility but Run From Deep often. That way, his initial position, and the one he will take up when defending, is going to be pretty deep, but when you get hold of the ball, he'll look to make attacking runs. Whether or not this is a *good* way to set up a player is another matter - it's not a setting I personally use so I wouldn't know, but I can be pretty sure that either way, the player would want very good stamina as he'll be legging it backwards and forwards.

If you're looking to build tactics beyond what the TC offers, my personal suggestion would be to set up various players with the TC, and use the advanced mode to see exactly what the sliders and other options are set as. This will tend to give you a good feel for how things work. For example, if you want to know how to set up a player who's going to sit deep but look to play the ball around rather than just tackle, put a player in the DM position, make him a deep lying playmaker, and see how the game sets it up. You don't neccesarily have to use the exact setting the TC does - indeed, fiddling with them is often a great idea - but they'll give you an excellent base to work from.

(Going back to the arrows, I wish they'd just taken them out completely when they removed the old functionality. They're really confusing for many people...)

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