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Staying at the top..?

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Have any of you guys managed to get to the top winning the Prem title and then by makin gbad choices fall off the top spot..?

Last season with Norwich which was my 12 season i managed to win the champions Cup from finishing 4th, won the League cup and Fa Cup, This season iv won the Super cup, world club cup, In final of league cup again and going head to head to a 4 horse race for the prem. The thing is i feel bored @ Norwich and want to leave but dont know where. i was offerd the Valencia Job but turned it down, nearly applied for the Inter job.. Currently Spurs and Man U have there manager down as insecure but i can't goto Utd as I'm a Liverpool fan and would like that job, Palo Bento has had a stadium built after his name but they down in 16th 1 point above the drop..

What should i do from here

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