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"XML parsing error!" - Please help!

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Hey guys,

When trying to launch FM via Steam this message comes up:


Can anyone tell me why it's doing this and how do I fix it? I've been playing FM this morning and when I went to start it back up again this keeps popping up, I've reset my laptop and nothing's changed.

Please help!

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The same message comes up when i try to lauch FM2010, i'v been playing it for many moths at nothing has happend to my computer since yesterday.

Can somebody help?

I don't youse steam i use the cd, i've unistalled the game serveral times and when i instal it poops back up, but i can lauch and play the game.

But when i instal pacth 3 it dosent lauch i't keep coming up about 20-30 times before my computer close the game.


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