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1 DB, 2 nation rules conflict

Unkle P

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Hi all,

I'm desperately trying to run 2 different leagues (2 nation rules) on one single datebase but it keeps on creating conflicts over and over.

I've edited 2 countries (Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) and created a lot of teams and players for both of them. It is all on one single DBC file.

I then added rules for Luxemboug in a first new file, 4 divisions, cups, it works. Then I did the same for Liechtenstein (just one division and a cup), no problem neither, the leagues work fine when loaded once at a time.

It's when I try to run them both at the same time that I have problems : Luxembourg's leagues refuse to run with a message /!\, 0 team found in D1, 14 missing, 0 team found in D2, 16 missing, 1 team found in D3, etc.

Here's the issue ...

D3 and D4 have groups (3 each : 1, 2, 3), it was, at first, the only problem I found in the error message of missing teams (nothing about D1 and D2).

I had put all the teams in the 3 groups manually otherwise, all the reserves team (they don't play in their own league but mostly in D3, D4 and all the rest in the inactive D5) are created in the same division. The same thing happens when reserves team are promoted/relegated … Plus reserves team can't be promoted when they're out of the league. D5, set as inactive, promotes only the one and only “main” team in D5 at the end of the 1st season. Everything stays the same for ever afterward (no relegation, no promotion from D4 to D5, never).

To be completely honest, I thought the main problem was the Athletic team. I moved the B team from Spain to Luxembourg, it keeps the basque restriction policy and works fine. To try to fix my conflict problems, I moved it back in Spain but it didn't change anything.

So I removed all the teams, once again, one by one, from their group and put them back all together in the D3 and D4 pot, the game can deal with that, even if it deals badly. And it worked!

But it crashed dump after one year of experiment … whereas my tests with a standalone DB never crashed in 10 seasons …

So I tried everything again, keeping the (new) Athletic in Luxembourg as it didn't seem to be a problem : I removed the teams from their groups AND instead, set regional leagues rules for D3 and D4 in order to fix the “all reserves in the same group” issue.

Now, not only I have an error message for D3 and D4, but I also have it for D1 and D2.

I just don't get it …

I know it can work, it did once, there must be an easy way (or at least a way) to fix that!

Thanks for your help.

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Everything has been done on the 10.3.0 (and run with a 10.3 game of course). I was actually waiting for it before starting the update ...

Team that didn't exist before (as I created them) can't (or shouldn't) be missed, that's what is surprising ... Plus, they both exist in the two files, it's the same DB.

It's like the game, when loading the 2 files, was loading a 3rd generic DB : it doesn't recognize the new teams and put back the moved one (Athletic B) in Spain automatically.

As I said, if I load one update at a time, everything works fine. When I load two, I've faced different cases, not all at the same time :

- Athletic B / Spain won't load : there's 21 team instead of 20 in 2nda division B1. If I delete Athetic B in one of the DB, I can load Spain again

- C teams are generated to fill some holes (so I have main teams, B and C teams created!) : it happened only once though

- D3 and D4 are seen as empty (Luxembourg's league won't load)

- D1 to D4 are seen as empty

Any known issue when using the "Regional divisions" options (not sure of the name, game's in french)?

Since I've added this, I have the D1 and D2 loading problem I didn't have before ...

Any specific problem when 2 nation rules loaded on a same DB?

Any problem with the fact of moving a team from a nation to another when loading serveral updates?

I'd really like it to work, I know I'm close, there's must be a way or a trick to do this!

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