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New Database From Scratch


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I did a search on this and couldn't find anything conclusive...

I want to create a database that removes all the existing clubs and competitions from the game so that I can create a fantasy system with completely new teams. Instead of having different nations with their own leagues, all the clubs in the world (just 32) would be under the same league system. Is it possible to delete all existing competitions and teams and if not which ones must stay? I have created the database but it crashes while creating it at the end of loading the competitions.

Thanks for any help.

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The only explanation i can think of is that it's because you've deleted clubs like Ajax, Bayern etc... who have sub teams (Ajax 2, Bayern II), if you delete sub-teams then the game crashes, don't know why. Deleting teams like Barca and Barca Athletic would cause no problems but any club listed as a reserve team on the club details screen can not be deleted.

my advice would be not to delete Ajax, teams from Germany or any other team with a sub-club, rather you could edit them to become some of your fantasy clubs, but be warned that the sub-clubs will still be called by their original names as they are not editable for some reason.

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