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[Release] Messem's Australian Leagues To level 6


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Version 1.0 (Compatible with 10.3)

FileFront: http://www.filefront.com/17165292/Australia.rar

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Test: Holidayed 5 Seasons


Included in this download is the Aussie Leagues (as accurate as possible) for FM2010.

I created the Australian leagues down to level 6 using Advanced Rules all league rules

are correct along with promotions & relegations for example if you managed a team

in the Victorian State League Division One and got promoted then you would move up

2 levels in the pyramid to the Victorian Premier League and if you were relegated then

you'd only move down one level to the Victorian State League Division 2 etc..

this was made possible by the advanced rules.

LEAGUES Regional cups will be added for v2.0

Hyundai A-League

Australian State Leagues 6 Divisions

Australian Regional Leagues 5 Divisions

ACT Division One 11 Divisions

ACT Division Two 10 Divisions

ACT Division Three 9 Divisions

ACT Division Four Will be Playable In v2


Hyundai A-League

- 12 teams including Melbourne Heart FC & Sydney Rovers FC (Logo & kit Pack included)

Australian State Leagues

- ACT Premier League

- New South Wales Premier League

- Victorian Premier League

- Football West Premier League

- Queensland State League

- South Australian Super League

Australian Regional Leagues

- NBN State Football League

- Southern Premier League

- Northern Premier League

- NorZone Premier League

- Central Australia A-Grade

ACT Division One

- NSW Super League

- NewFM Football League

- Victorian State League Division 1

- Football West State League Division One

- Brisbane Premier League

- Gold Coast Premier League

- South Australian Premier League

- Football Tasmania Northern Division 1

- Football Tasmania Southern Division 1

- NorZone All-Age Division 1

- Central Australia B-Grade

ACT Division Two

- NSW State League Division One

- Interdistrict Division One

- Victorian State League Division 2

- Football West Amateur League Premier

- Brisbane Premier League Division 1

- Gold Coast First Division

- South Australian State League

- Football Tasmania Southern Division 2

- NorZone All-Age Division 2

- Central Australia Corporate League

ACT Division Three

- New South Wales State League Division Two

- Interdistrict Division Two

- Victorian State League Division 3

- Football West Amateur League Division 1

- Brisbane Premier League Division 2

- Gold Coast Second Division

- South Australian Amateur Soccer Premier League (Saturday)

- South Australian Amateur Soccer Premier League (Sunday)

- Football Tasmania Southern Division 3


ACT Division Four Will Be Playable In Version 2.0

- Interdistrict Division Three

- Victorian Provisional League Division One North-West

- Victorian Provisional League Division One South-East

- Football West Amateur League Division 2

- Brisbane Metro Division 1

- South Australian Amateur Soccer Division 2 (Saturday)

- South Australian Amateur Soccer Division 2 (Sunday)

- Football Tasmania Southern Division 4


New Zealand League Down To Level 2


This editor data file was created by Messem.

Plz don't re-post this without my permision

Any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism is welcome.

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Version 2.0 Possibilities

- ACT Division Four & possibly Five playable

- State & Regional league kits colours updated

- Updated A-League transfers

- Around 15 Regional Cup competitions added

If you let me know about any found problems that need fixing please let me know so i can fix them for v2

thank you

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Gold Coast leagues are wrong look there

I'm correcting this now thanks for letting me know

i get a crash dump if i use this with my other xml files but on its own it works fine
Most of the league files do not work with the season and transfers update xml files.
that sucks would it work if u merge your update with the league files i have 2 other league files that work ok with my update

I'll have a look into this and let you know what i find

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Yeah, I have to agree with the above posts. This looks very promising indeed, but I have been unable to either use it with an up-to-date data file, or even update the league myself in the editor, both lead to crash dumps.

If there was a way to do this, this would be pretty perfect imo. Great job so far mate!

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